Face-threading wins over new generation (Taiwan)

he traditional technique is not only a beauty treatment, but was once a ritual for women preparing to get married, to bring good luck
By Mo Yan-chih
Sunday, Apr 01, 2007, Page 2

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Sitting in her stall outside a Catholic church in Shilin, Taipei, and equipped with a beauty kit, 61-year-old Mo Xiang-xiang (莫香香), a hair threading practitioner, sat facing her customer while removing the woman’s facial hair rhythmically with a cotton thread.

Mo put white powder on her customer’s face, then gently held one end of a thread in her teeth, the other in her hands, and moved the thread to trap rows of the customer’s facial hairs and pull them out by the roots.

With more than 40 years of experience, Mo is a master of a traditional Asian technique for removing hair called wanmian (挽面), which literally means “threading the face.”