F. Age 19 Planning to go start my 1st electrolysis session. Ive heard its best to leave alone the hair and stop hair removal options for 4 months before 1st electrolysis session is it true?

I want to clear my upperlip/ chin / eyebrow
Ive heard somone here said its best to leave the hair alone for 4-6 months BEFORE STARTING. And then start a full clearance and i can go every 4 months again. And if i dont wait it would still work but I will need to go more sessions.
If its true, It will be kinda difficult for me to go with a mustache for that long. I never had my hair not plucked for more than 2 weeks. So 4 months would definitely be a shame to me? I thought maybe i should bleach the hairs so they’ll be less visible but maybe tint them again before the session so it might be easier on the electrologist to see.
Would like to see your thoughts .

Also I would like to ask how many hours for a first clearance would be for upperlip?

Thank you for reading and for your time.

I feel like I’m being set up. Who are you?

I don’t understand what it matters. And I also don’t understand how it relates to the questions I asked on this topic.

English is not my first language and I really tried to be as clear as I can

Because you are coming in here asking about specifics in a treatment strategy I discuss in just about every electrolysis consultation I’ve performed in the last six years but virtually never mention ever on this board. And because your prior post makes reference to an “Academy” for learning electrolysis that I’ve spoken at many times. Pretty much every electrologist on this board is familiar with the work and protocols of Josefa Reina who I would have mentioned and credited in that very same consultation, and so there is NO REASON, ordinarily for me to discuss it with them. So , as mentioned I feel like someone has an agenda we are not being told about and I’m not comfortable discussing the matter further when I dont know who I’m even talking to. But they apparently know me, and the local electrolysis market here in my local area. So YES…I feel like I am being set up!
Even more so when the person asking, gets defensive.

Yes a year ago I wanted to learn and thought about a career path. But i diminished it. I just want to know the best option for me to start my electrolysis session im really sorry if I somehow make you feel set up and I seriously dont know what agenda youre talking about I just want to know if I should wait 4 months or just go with it . Now im feeling a shame to even ask here a question .

I can even show you where ive read it on this site if you want to know.

Do you?

Do you want the link?

Sorry Star I didnt mean to put you off I was called away for a few hours. I’m not here on hairtell very much right now, mostly due to health issues with my family.
It may have been me who mentioned it, but as I said it’s not something I talk about a lot around here … That said, the reference I gave you ( Josefa Reina) is about all you need to truly research it. It’s reference to something called the “3 clearance method” a method puioneered by my friend and colleague Josefa. I suppose I dont see this referenced very often by consumers anymore, so it through me for a bit of a loop.
What you heard was true.Here’s how it works. You see Josefa has been performing this strategy for more than 40 years. There’s only a few of us in this world who even attempt it. It has to do with removing all the hair, regardlesss of the cycle of growth, and maximizing the hair available for each treatment. In so doing the electrologist is stacking the “odds” of success in their favor. Josefa, would go after each hair she treated “Like it is the most important hair of her career” and subsequently she ends up disabling hte follicle . By maximizing the hair available for treatment, and also treating each hair so thoroughly, she reduces the number of treatments to once per hair cycle, and then limits the number of hair cycles to effect complete and permanent removal. So, in most cases, Josefa is provinding a complete and permanent removal, in 3 treatments.
This is, beyond amazing. So amazing that virtually no electrologist except for an elite few , have been able to accomplish it. They include people like Michael bono, Beate Ritzert, and I try, but I am not at Josefa’s caliber.
Does this mean if you arent able to accomplish this, and do shave, ( or pluck) it means the removal must be completed over a greater number of cycles of growth. A cycle of growth can vary, from 3-5 months or bit bore, and so Josefa spaces her treatment every 3-5 months in order to maximize the hair there, present and ready to be treated, in situ in the follicle. It doessnt matter what stage of the cycle the hair is in, if it is there and untouched, we can destroy the hair follicle.
But yes, the answer is, the amount of ( length of time) over which the complete removal does increase with factors like plucking or shaving are taken place, but the total treatment time ( the total time to completely destroy all the hair spent on the table recie3ving treatment) should not change).
I use this consult all the time to demonstrate the concept of a hair cycle of growth to my new consumer clients. I’m not used to seeing it spewed back to me, in almost the same manner as I talk about it during a consult in other places, so I guess it caught me off guard.

Edit: sorry if any of that doesnt make sense, it’s late and I dont have time to edit the response properly.It also seems like all the other electrologists got pissy and left so I may be the only one coming in here right now., and I’m just barely coping with my workload as is)


I am not a professional, so I defer to all the pros here and in this thread. But I have been where you were, at the beginning, worried about chin and upper lip. To me, that’s good advice! As they say on this forum, only shave/tweeze/touch the hairs you want to keep (!) What I recommend is to buy a VERY sharp set of (preferably medical) small trimming scissors. And trim the hair down just enough so that it can be grabbed with tweezers, but close enough that it’s virtually invisible. Stand a full arm’s length away from yourself in the mirror, that is how 99% of people interacting with you will be. Nobody aside from your mom or your partner will be any closer. Make sure at your sessions to check with your electrologist that you are leaving them long enough to be grabbed. You may have to trim everyday depending on your growth.

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Awsome bang on advice Ludvodica