F-140 ! Promises permanent hair removal !

I been conserned about hairs in my body , and i am trying to find a way to remove em . tried waxing but that is painfull a lot as hair tend to regrow and still hurt a lot !

anyway found this web page -http://www.nevershaveagain.com/

showing there product , i havent manage to found any infos about this product and i was wondering if someone can provide me with some infos ? is it good ? is it proven ? or just a scam ?

It’s a scam. See the Electric Tweezer section.

The first attraction to this is the price

and the promises <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/frown.gif" alt="" />

don’t be under any illusions - hair removal is graft and time consuming

so all that time is valuable and should not be spent on a system that will grow back imagine that you go to all those months and then it grows back it almost soul destroying :’(

this is why its essential that if you are going to under take what is quite daunting taking maybe 2 years of zapping you use a product that does not = 10 years

this will never IMHO remove anything permanently

if you aint sliding a needle down the follicle then forget it x


I third that motion!

Nevershaveagain is voted down once more… Now it is time for tea and crumpets.