Eyelash electrology

I have read a few of the posts and have seen a few of James’ answers. I have also been a client of his for almost a year now.

When I came to James, I was blinking constantly. I felt like I had a hand full of sand in my eyes all the time. I woke up in the morning with my eyes matted shut. I had had my opthamologist remove up to 10 hairs once a month. He charged me $12 just to do it. He only had a magifying glass so he could only see the dark lashes
sticking into my eyes. Each time he did it I would ask him if he was sure there weren’t more. My eyes were still irritated. It was costly compared to what he was doing and barely helped.

I had a friend who has since become my husband who was/is a client of James. I asked him to ask James if he could take eyelashes out of eyes. He said he could. I saw James for the first time in April of 2003. He extracted almost 800 hairs from UNDER my eyelids. I was shocked! So was he. AND, it was painless.

James said he had never even heard of anyone having eyelashes under their eyelids let alone imagined there could be so many. Since then he has told me that he checks all of his clients eyes and has been able to give others relief as well.

Since then he has had to remove a few here and there but nothing like the original time. I can see better. I am no longer blinking all the time and best of all I don’t have to constantly feel my way into the bathroom just to wash my eyes to open them in the morning.

Since my eyes have been feeling better I decided to get my facial hair taken out. I have hated it since I was in high school. I’m almost 52 and have had a mustache since high school and had developed a beard since. James has taken everything out. He even took out my sideburns for me. I would have liked to be able to curl a little hair in front of my ears but, my hair didn’t hold a curl. If just stayed straight. I hated it. I’ve felt more masculine that feminine all my life. Now I don’t have a mustache, beard or sideburns and I CAN SEE!

As to how it feels to have hair removed from my face . Well, it isn’t painless. Having hair removed above the lips is painful. James puts a topical anesthetic on it to help relieve some of the pain. Since I have had work done all over my face, I would say that the pain is definitely worth the results.

I am now to the point where I only have to go in once in a while for what James says is “nit picking”. I don’t really have enough to make it worth his whle but I see him for about 30 minutes or less before he works on my husband so I don’t waste his time. My regrowth is minimal. I expect a year from now I won’t need to see him at all.

I’ve waited all my life to feel like a woman. Finally I do. If you are have itchy eyes or feel masculine due to facial hair, don’t hesitate. IT’S WORTH IT!! :smile:

What a beautiful story. Thank you for sharing. Hoping others will not wait. We do not have to live with a concern that makes us so uncomfortable. Whether it be in the eyes or anyplace on the body. The sooner one begins electrolysis the sooner it is gone. I have had some people say they cannot afford. My suggestion is to at least begin if only for brief appointments. Eventually they will be comfortable. No question,James is wonderful, but there are others out there who do beautiful work. It is worth the search. Did you know that electrolysis began with a doctor who removed eyelashes?

Thanks for the kind words Morning Dove.
I appreciate the good review, but I have to ground the praise just a little.
We have only needed to removed about 2,000 hairs from all the places we have worked on so far. Although it is possible that we have removed a total of 800 hairs from your eyelids and the corner of your eye, that would be more likely the total number of hairs treated, as we have never removed more than 100 from the eye area in a session, and that was in the very beginning. These days, there is not usually more than 10 to 20 between the two of eyes.

Yours is the condition that electrolysis owes its genesis. Like Dr. Michelle’s patients in the 19th century, you actually have hairs not only growing where they should not, but some that are in the right place, but grow in the wrong direction. Permanent removal is the only way to gain comfort, and avoid vision problems that can be as serious as cornial damage, and even blindness.

The current needed to effect treatment on this type of hair is minimal as the hairs are thin, (most not noticeable to the naked eye) and the follicles are shallow. It really makes one appreciate the ability to create a treatment setting with accuracy down to one one-thousanth of a treatment unit. :wink:

So I will thank Apilus, Silhouet-Tone and Ziess for making this treatment possible. Without the stereo microscope, I would not have seen anything different than your doctor did when he grabbed the tweezers.

That’s amazing! I’ve never heard of such a condition. I can barely tolerate one loose eyelash in my eye.