Eyebrows and Blend!

Hi there,

It’s nice to find this site, I found it veryyyyyyyyy helpful. Thanks Andrea and the others for this great work.

I’m 27 year old male with dark hair and light skin. I have unwanted hair above and below my eyebrows and some in the middle.

From what I have read in this site and other sites, I’m considering the Blend method as it’s the safest, less painful and most effective method among the other two (thermolysis and galvanic). I know it’s slow but to stay safe without scars is my first priority. Basically, I just want to get rid of the extra hairs and may be trim the sides. I don’t want to shap my brows or end up with a woman’s brow… I just want them to look natural.

Anyways, I’m seeking recomendations for a good electrologist in Orange County in California.

I have already looked up into many professional groups like AEA and IGPE. Most of the electrologists claim 15-20 years experience, physician referred and… etc. which made me suspicious, is it true that ALL of them are really good and professional? I guess not!!

Also is there any risk treating that area? I consulted some laser clinics and they refused to treat the eyebrows as they are very close to the eyes. Is that true for electrolysis?

I’d really appreciate any recommendation or adivce. Thanks.


I can’t answer all your questions, but the main one… the method…

Any competent LASER practitioner will not do that area with a LASER… even if it means missing out on the income… The LASER can so easily damage the eyes… permanently! Electrolysis is the only method that is permanent and safe for that area.

Good luck, have a look in the referrals forum for practitioners near you…


Just to set the record straight on a small point.

Galvanic is the mode that has the best efficacy coupled with the possibility of the least pain. It also is the slowest. 3 to 5 minutes per hair is not unusual, that is why multi-probe units are often used.

Blend is next in line with great effectiveness, and the comfort level can be adjusted somewhat, and it is faster than galvanic. 7 to 30 seconds per hair is not unusual.

Thermolysis requires perfect insertion, and perfect selection of current selection in order to achieve permanence. Since so much of this is gussing, and can’t be checked up upon, thermolysis is the least effective method on a per hair basis. HOWEVER, Since a hair may be treated in less than a second it is the fastest method to use, because it will bare the area being worked on fastest, and keep it bare the easiest. Comfort, however may be a problem.

With up do date equipment and a good practitioner, any method can yeild excellent results, without any remarkable discomfort.

Thanks IHH for your reply. I posted in the referrals section but unfortunately no response yet. So I though I may get some recommendations here as this section has more traffic.

Thanks James for the information. What method in your opinion is less likely to cause scars among these three methods? and do you think all the electrologists in the AEA or IGPE with long experience (10 years or more) are good practitioners?

You should not get scars from any well performed electrolysis. Having said that, I personally use blend on eyebrows most of the time.

You may see dots, or scabs for a short time but that goes away. Most of my clients see nothing but a redness in the area that goes away in a while.

I actually had a client who would get eyebrow electrolysis before dates because she got such a lovely lavendar color that lasted for about 4 hours after treatment. She was actually sad to see herself finished. Now she has to use eye shadow just like everybody else. :stuck_out_tongue:

While membership in a trade organization theoretically means you stay on top of your skills, the best practitioners can be found through referrals from someone who is done for a long time and happy.