i am a 24 years old male, i have a very bushy eyebrows and there is hair allover my ear lobe, i tried trimming and tweezing but after two days from trimming my earlobe hair i noticed that new hair grow at my eyebrow area,recently the eyebrow hair became shiny and hard not like an ordinary eyebrow, does anyone know why? is there any solution other than laser or electrolysis as i can’t afford them. sorry for the long message.

here is a photo to check it out

I would suggest that you get your eyebrows waxed if they are causing you grief. This can be easily done and it is inexpensive. If done by a professional there isn’t much pain involved and it will look really good, to the point that nobody will know that you’ve waxed them.

~ Megan @ Hair Removal [hair-removal-options dot com] A Guide to find the best hair removal option for you

Waxing??? are u having a laugh? Electrolysis would be the way to go and it wont be that expensive, especially if you are just looking for some thinning. You would probably only need to go for an hour a week max for a month or so and then the times will get less as you near the end. I suggest you at least go and see an electrologist and see what they have to say and offer.

if you don’t have the money for electrolysis, waxing or threading is an option and can be done at any salon quickly for this area for about $10-20. I know many men that get this done all the time and lots of women. electrolysis is not that expensive, but adds up after a while. it would probably take you $300-500 to get permanent clearance. it’s up to you if you want to make this committment and have it be permanent or pay $10-20 a month or so to get waxed/threaded.

i doubt anything made the hair “shiny”. you’re probably just paying a lot more attention to it than you did before.

laser is not a solution for eyebrows. it’s not practical for this area.