eyebrow work

Hello all,

I have had some hair removed from my back and am very pleased with the work and had no scarring so I decided to clean up my eyebrows a bit. I started about a month ago and had blend done on the unibrow area and now I have some pits in that area, it looks like a couple of scabs joined in one area and made a pit and there are a few enlarged follicles that are a little pinkened. I’m wondering if there is a preferred method for eyebrows and do some of these scars fade eventually.


Most side effects of electrolysis fade away in 3 weeks to 3 months.

Galvanit and Blend are better for eyebrows from the standpoint that one can see overtreatment before it gets to far, but when the settings are made properly, Galvanic, Blend, and Thermolysis are equally effective and kind to the skin. With good treatment, clients perfer thermolysis because it is faster.

Follow your post treatment instructions. Keep the area clean, dry, and use an Aloe-Cortisone to keep yourself from scratching the area during the day, and use Tea-Tree-Oil at night to clear up anything like what you described.

I’m starting to wonder if the scar was caused by using blend on my eyebrows. The electrologist forgot to use cataphoresis after the treatment and I was red for over a week. I told her about it so it doesn’t happen again

I am happy to report that the red pits that I had have disappeared or healed, whew!

Good job snaffle for giving us an update. Glad to hear all is normal with your unibrow.

I thought I was getting pits where the eyebrow hairs were removed, but I see that the follicles are already large in the surrounding area. So I guess I have to live with that. I can obsess about anything!

You make a good point. Many people mistakenly think that “Electrolysis has enlarged my pores.” In reality, they just have never noticed them when they are empty.

I tell my clients, “You will look a whole lot better, and feel even more comfortable with yourself when you throw your 10x’s magnification mirror out in the trash!” Real people only see what you can see in the bathroom mirror when standing 6 feet away from it.