Eyebrow threading DVD or VHS


Thank u for stopping by. Can u pls tell me if anyone has a new or used DVD or VHS that teaches step by step eyebrow threading. I would really appreciate any info

Thank u kindly


Aesthetic Videosource has a DVD that teaches step-by-step threading. It is taught by Saira Soleri who is from India and she does a really good job explaining how to do it. I think you’ll really like it. Here is a link to the threading DVD. It’s the third DVD down on the page. You can watch a video clip on the website if you click on “view details”.

Normally, we would bounce a spammer like this so fast it would make your head spin.

Although this spammer is still in violation of the contribute by actually answering questions with something other than a spam link, we will allow it, as the actual product looks like a valid and useful thing that would edify our membership.