eyebrow question

I started eyebrow electrolysis about 3 weeks ago. I’ve gone once a week (I’ve gone a total of 3 times for 30mins each time). I have dark thick eyebrows and hair in b/w them. My electrolygist told me that to get total clearance and a nice shape, it’s going to take 18 months. Is this normal? When I leave there all the stray hairs are gone, but by my next appointment it seems like most, if not all come back. She tells me that some of them do come back and that most of them are “new” hairs. I love my electrolygist, she’s very approachable and friendly and seems to know what she’s doing. I just find it hard to believe that eyebrows take 18 months to clear! Don’t get me wrong, I do see a difference already in the middle part. The hairs are a lot thinner and lighter.

I appreciate any advice!

Yes, this seems like a reasonalbe amount of time. You are already seeing progess so stick with it. there is a lot a hair going through the stages of growth and you are being thinned out. You have a great electrologist who is HONEST stick it out.

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I do a lot of eyebrow cases and the client is well controlled and looks finished within a couple months. Thereafter, we are seeing scattered pop ups that are easily handled in a short period of time. The client is not ususally with me for 18 months if they are consistent.

We need to factor in how much hair we are talking about, too. I do both modalities, blend and thermolysis on the eyebrows depending on the type of hair presented and I frequently use both modalities in the same session. I suppose some people would need 18 months, but I’m not seeing that as a rule. Only YOUR electrologist can know that because she/he can see you. Don’t be too bummed out, eg,it may be sooner than you think,unless you have tons of hair to deal with.

I too have an eyebrow question. A while back, I had my eyebrows professionally shaped. I had been overplucking them for years and, to my disbelief, they actually grew in again after a few months. I really liked the way they were shaped and decided to have electrolysis to keep the shape. Unfortunately, the woman who was shaping them did not do electrolysis, so I went to see a professional electrologist. I figured because the shape had been perfected, we could keep up with weekly electrolysis appointments. I’ve been having electrolysis weekly for six months, but my electrologist is definitely losing the shape and it is morphing into something I’m not crazy about. I am considering stopping for a while to get them shaped again, but I am concerned that they won’t grow in properly and that I will have wasted six months of time and money. I think my electrologist is good with the ‘mechanical’ side of things (he is successfully clearing a few other areas), but he seems to be lacking in this one specific spot – and it’s my face!! Any ideas?

Little Lady, I hope that your electrologist has not taken MORE that you wanted off. If that is the case, then you might not get the shape back.

It is very important that you talk to your practitioner about your goals. We need communication so that we help you reach your hair removal goals. If you think they are taking too much off, then say something. Some clients will even use a hand held mirror during treatment to take a little break and check how the shape is going.

Regarding the first post, where the electrologist said it would take 18 months to complete eyebrows. I hope that you are not expecting 30 minutes weekly for 18 months. As your treatments progress, it will take less time to clear the area and the time between treatments will increase.

If you are consistent with treatments, you should be able to expect that every 2 months the amount of hair you grow decreases by half. Another 2 months, and THAT amount decreases by half. Another way to say that is to expect that every 2 months the amount of time you spend at an appointment should decrease by half.

i’m getting my eyebrows done and i noticed that the first couple of time a bit too much was taken off. I’m very careful about it now and go over each hair that i want to remove that’s “iffy” with the electrologist and a hand mirror in hand. you can also use an eyeliner or something to draw the line around the shape that you want. i’ve been thinking of doing that.

Ok, I’m back. I stuck w/ my electrologyst and LOVED her. I went once every 1-2 weeks for 4 months and saw a dramatic decrease in hair growth (although, it definately WAS coming back). However, something happened and she no longer works for the place I went to. They gave me someone else, who is nice but not nice enough to make me want to keep going to this place which was totally out of my way. So I found a place near my house. I went for my first appt. tonight. They took me in right away, she barely asked me any questions. Just asked if I’d done it before. She didn’t ask me where, how long, how often, etc. Also, she used this machine that I had to hold some metal thing and then the needle would zap. My old electrolygist used a pedal that she would press to get the thing to zap. Also, with this new lady, it didn’t hurt as much. BUT, is it normal that I could feel the zap and then I could feel her pluck the hair out? B/c w/ my old electrolygist, I would only feel the zap, I could not feel her plucking my hair. Also, this new salon isn’t as nice as my old one. This sounds lame, but my old one had chocolates and soothing music and they iced the area for several minutes afterwards. When this new lady was done she put aloe on the area and told me I was done and that was that. There was no music, chocolate, or cold water to drink. What do you think? I would love to just be able to find my old electrolygist and goto wherever she’s working now. Maybe I will google her.