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I got laser hair removal in a small town in Utah and I think they damaged my eye. It won’t dilate(get big) and I’m light sensative. My eye doctor says I will lose pigment in my eye and eventually develop glaucoma. Should I sue? My biggest problem is that I cannot get any of the doctors involved to say it was related to the laser. Everyone I’ve talked to passes the buck.

I don’t know what to do.



Hi Bec,

Wow, sorry to hear about your eye. I’ve had a lot of eye problems over the years, and I know how much of a hassle it is.

If you’re seeing an ophthalmologist and she or he’s not sure if laser caused it, you should get an answer on what the cause may be (heredity, medication such as steroid drops, etc.).

Generally speaking, a laser injury to the eye causes immediate and irreparable retinal damage, although it can also damage the lens and cornea. Usually, you vision is affected immediately. It’s possible that the laser is not related, but I would get some straight answers from an ophthalmologist or two before ruling it out.

I would also definitely speak with a lawyer. You might try Sue Karten, who is listed in the Legal Referrals section. She is handling a big laser skin injury case right now, and she may be able to help you out.


Thank you. I will keep you posted.



Did the practitioner have you wear protective eyewear? If not I would say they were negligent.

When I get laser treatments I always have to wear protective eyewear even though the laser treatment is not taking place anywhere even close to my eyes.



I wore goggles when they did my upper lip and armpits, but when she did my eyebrows she put cotton over my eyes and a red piece of paper. I felt the laser when it hit my eye. The piece of paper had lifted up a little. I woke up the next morning and my eye really, really hurt! I went right in to the doctor and three of them looked at me, then they sent me to a specialist. I saw him four or five times in the next week, but he won’t say conclusively what the diagnosis was. I didn’t find out I had permanent damage until I went to an optomitrist for some glasses and he dilated my eye and half of it is stuck to my cornea. Scar tissue. I am more upset about it the longer I let it go. I just don’t know who to ask first.




Poor you - it’s hard to sound sincere over the internet, but I’m really, really sorry to hear your story.

I’m a computer worker: quite often there’ll be a problem to fix, and I’ll say to the user “what did you do”, and they’ll say something like “nothing!! I just used the list box this time… but that wouldn’t affect it…”

I’ve found that, more often than not, the problem is directly related to the last thing that happened. No matter how unrelated they might seem!

I can’t believe you’re finding it hard to find a doctor who’s prepared to make a link between your treatment and your problem…

Have you tried contacting the laser supplier? What do they say about working on people’s eyebrows?

And what about the laser supplier’s competitors? They might be more willing to help investigate any negligence action against the supplier?

What about other clinics that use the same laser? How would they have worked on your eye brows?

And then have you sought legal action? Maybe a law firm can help find you a doctor who’s prepared to verify or reject any link.

But probably most importantly: You should get the problem fixed!!! Especially if it’s getting to you!!!
You sound like you’re seeing doctors - have you seen a specialist eye doctor? Someone who can fix your eye?

Wish I could help more …



Marksbec, you should get copies of all the doctors’ opinions, especially the optometrist who saw scar tissue. You should also see a lawyer as soon as possible.

If the doctors are giving you the runaround, a lawyer may be able to help you get some more definitive answers. Also, if you have problems which require medical attention, you are going to need money to pay for these visits, etc.

Your eyesight is too important to let slide. Keep on top of this, because time is of the essence.


Asking the laser supplier is a really good idea. I have only talked to my brother about it. He is a malpractice attorney and he said they’re very hard to prove and I can’t get anywhere until I can get a diagnosis the links it to the laser. I am actually more worried of being ousted from the community. This is a very small town and I didn’t grow up here and my extended family isn’t from here, so I could very easily be excluded from everything! I hadn’t thought about correcting the scar tissue either. My optomitrist said surgery isn’t an option, but I’ll definitely get a second opinion.