Extra Hair growth, is it true

Hey guys,
My first laser treatment I recieved was for my stomach and chest, And I think I had really good results, especially for my first time. I kept my happy trail on my stomach and when the hair came back on my stomach, it came in a lot less darker and was generally thinned out. I was excited about it, but now that I got my second treatment my technician said that more hair could accuatlly come in this time, is this true?? And by the way, who in here has had good results with laser hair removal. Im only on my second one and I want to see who everyone else has done after lets say 6. Thanks guys!!!

Hi surf411–

The reason some consumers see what looks like more hair after a second treatment is due to synchronizing of the hair growth cycles. The first laser treatment can cause all treated hairs to start their cycles over at the same time. That means that what was once staggered regrowth will not all be starting and growing at the same time. this can be a little shocking, but it’s probably a good thing for later laser treatments, since more hairs in the growth stage will be getting zapped.

This effect diminishes in time, as does the effectiveness of laser with each successive treatment. After a half dozen treatments, you’ve probably maxed out the laser’s potential.

Keep us posted on your progress!

Hello surf411,

I have had 9 laser txs on my back so far, the first tech said i would get a 70% permanent reduction after 3 txs, she lied, 3 months after my third txs all hair looked identical as when i started. The second tech said the first tech did not know what she was doing and that after another 5 txs i would get a 75-85% permanent reduction, well 3 months after those txs all hair came back identical as to when i started. That makes 8 txs with the gentlelase at the highest settings and a complete failure. Then i switch over to the apogee with a new tech, well 3 months after my 9th txs it looks the worst i have ever seen it. Im getting the same results as the softlight, or even waxing. I think down the road someone will have to sue the FDA for allowing these lasers to be cleared for permanent hair reduction. I will continue to get laser txs for the next couple of years and will probably give it up after my 20th txs and live looking like a monster. laser is the only hope i have and i feel i have been lied to by everybody.