Exposing the needle

What do you guys do to make the needle longer… Simply remove the cap ? Have any of you snipped off the metal peice at the end ?

I measured how much of the tip was exposed and it was approximately 3.5-4mm.Could there be hairs where the root extends beyond this length ? on an occasional hair i cannot get the tone to go off and im thinking the tip is just not reaching.

Would treating without the cap raise the chance of scarring ?

For deep hairs, I just used the unit without the entire cap. Snipping the barrel end would be difficult to do without crushing it to the point that the needle no longer could slide through.

You will not increase your scarring potential without the cap. Scarring occurs from over treatment, either too much amperage or too long a time. Scarring can also occur from missing the follicle and treating just skin (especially if the tip retracts and you just burn the skin surface); this is why you want to make sure you’ve reached the follicle bottom before completing the circuit.

I used a fine file (medium sandpaper will work also) to shorten the barrel to a point near the plastic so as not to crush it. If you have any flash covering the end when you are done you can open it up with a fine needle.