experiences with palomar slp1000?

hi. :smile:

ive just arranged a consultation with a doctor who uses this laser…
it seems many people are praising diode lasers, particularly the lightsheer ones…
i was wondering how this laser compares to the lightsheer… thanx.

The SLP1000 is being marketed to African-Americans as a laser that is acceptable for their skin tones. There is limited data on just how safe or effective for long-term or permanent results this is. It did show promise as an alternative to shaving for some patiens with severe razor bumps (pseudofolliculitis barbae).

Wow, that’s an expensive shave.

I’ll keep an eye out for this technology though.

Yeah, it might seem like it’s an expensive shave, but for some it beats the money spent on fancy razors, shaving powders, over-thr-counter exfoliants like Tend Skin, prescription drugs like Accutane, and trips to the dermatologist. Not to mention the cosmetic improvement!

Andrea makes an excellent point about cost of hair removal methods. The best razors like the Mach 3 Turbo are rather expensive so that is a factor to consider. Also, a 16 oz. bottle of tend skin is $50!

Since laser treatmenst I hardly use any Tend Skin at all. I simply haven’t needed it.


How much is this laser process, and has there been any sign of long term results? I would love to give it a shot someday.

Charges vary by city and practitioner.

Rates are usually by bdy area to be treated. bigger the area, higher the cost. Some practitioners charge more for people with more than usualy body hair.

In addition, response rates vary a lot, so one person might beed many more treatments than someone else to get or maintain the same results.

In other words, it’s hard to say what your costs might be.