experience with patch hair removal

has anyone had any experience with any babyliss hair removal patch system or any patch system and could you giv me details please

I don’t mean to sound mean here, but how is it that you found the Transdermal section to post this question, and yet you have not read the personal experiences outlined here in this section? Try reading all the posts in this section alone. See the box above this post that says
“HairTell Forums » Hair Removal Methods » Transdermal/Transcutaneous Patches » experience with patch hair removal”
Well click on Transdermal/Transcutaneous Patches and read all the stuff under your post string. You will find enough stories of people spending thousands of dollars for NO results, and how they sued some of the people who took them for their cash.

OR, you can go spend your money on this, use it, and then post your experiences for us all. After all, it is possible that the laws of physics could end at the tip of YOUR cotton swabs, similar to the laws of physics that ended at the stove of the witness in the movie “My Cousin Vinny” where the guy insists that he cooked grits in 5 minutes.