Experience with Hair Inhibitors


I know that there is no scientific proof that thes products do as they claim, but i was wondering if ANYone has ever had ANY success with ANY of these products.


These products are like fad diets You’ll find a few people who swear they are working when they first start, but the real test is a year after they stop. Try to find somone whose hair was permanently reduced by an OTC topical preparation a year after they stopped. You’ll be looking for a looooong time.


Hi All

I don’t know about all products, but my experiance is that none except professional burning, (like lazer), will work for permanent results. So far for me, an electric razor has provided the most convienient method of hair removal for legs for cycling. I can reccomend this irrespective of type of razor used.

On another note I have recently tried “Blue Steel” sports wax for my hands etc. As a wax it is really good and did the job well. No hair regrowth for 3 weeks so far. One problem is that it is “Very Sticky” and to get rid of it is a real pain. Any tips on how to do this would be appreciated. I have tried soap, vineger and ammonium based detergents but only a lot of flushing (and I mean A LOT) and tons of soap work. Is this a common brand anywhere else?