Experience / studies Palomar Estelux IPL?


Does anyone have experience with a Palomar Estelux IPL? It´s a new IPL who is about 2 years on the market?

Does anyone know were I can find clinical studies of the Estelux IPL on the internet?


I´ve found one site:



I’m brand new here, but I had my first Estelux treatment two months ago on my face. Four weeks later I had my second treatment. And a week ago I had my third treatment. I AM SO FRIGGING ECSTATIC with the results so far. I know everyone is going to say it’s too early to tell, and I KNOW that, but even now I can say that the money has been well worth it. I live in Boston and I have my treatments done by a doctor on shee-shee Newbury St. But I called around and it seemes these were the best rates in Beantown. My beard is SIGNIFICANTLY reduced. I haven’t had to shave my cheeks for two weeks. I had the doctor NOT treat my sideburns and a little of my moustache and goatee, in case I wanted to grow those out to change my look. These areas serve as a great local control because I can see how dense, dark and ugly my beard used to be by seeing how dark my moustache becomes by the end of the day. But my cheeks look like I’m 12 years old!
I had my back done once, a month ago, and it still looks pretty bare. I’m not sure when I’ll get it done again. I guess when the hair starts growing again.

So here’s one guy who thinks the Estelux is freakin great! I will continue to post my experiences and I’ll be SURE to tell you if things start to go sour!


I have had 4 treatments with the Estelux and have had excellent results. Within this practice, there are a number of other types of laser machines which are not IPL, and they just don’t work for me. For some reason, the flashlamp method is best for my hair/skin type, which is very light skin and very dark coarse hair. I am treating my legs, bikini line, and back of neck.


Hey Sandy,

Sorry if you’ve posted lengthy experiences elsewhere, but could you tell me what state you’re in and what other lasers you had treatments with before your Estelux success? Are you being treated by an MD or a nurse or a technologist? Also do you know what setting they’re using on you? How many treatments have you had?
Thanks for sharing!


Those with questions about EsteLux or other brands can usually get a few consumer experiences by typing the brand name into the search feature.


Hi. Sorry so long for this reply. I’m from RI and am being treated in a laser center headed by a dermatologist, with a staff of technicians. The techs so far have had me on setting of 3, but at the last treatment moved me up to 4. The other machines I have tried are the Palomar SLP 1000 and some other machine which brand name escapes me. From what I understand, some people do not like the Estlux because it is painful. Because I have such light skin, it just works like a jewel on me and really isn’t that painful. On the 4 setting, I felt a little burning, but it is tolerable.


Thanks for the first-hand info, Sandy! IPLs have pretty mixed reiviews, but I do know several people who got good results. Keep us posted!


I saw a TV news report on the EsteLux IPL system today. Thay are claiming to be superior to laser. They showed photos comparing laser (don’t know which one) to IPL after 2 and three months. The laser after photo showed much thicker regrowth than the Estelux after photo. IMHO the only way that would be accurate is if the laser was used by an inexperienced technician using way to low of a fluence setting for the patient.

The TV story showed a man having his back treated and this was his third treatment. I had less back hair after two Apogee treatments then he had after two Estelux treatments, although I may have had less back hair to begin with.

They showed the technician shaving his back before the treatment. That’s something that should be done beforehand to maximize treatment time. The amazing thing was that she was shaving relatively long hair with a blade. All of us hair removal veterans know that if the area to be shaved has relativlely long hair, ¼ to ½ inch or more, that you should trim it with clippers before you use the blade. That’s asking for trouble using a blade on long air like that. Amateurs!



RJC, you’d be amazed at the some of the people out there practicing hair removal. I wouldn’t trust them to trim my hedges, let alone trim my hair! :stuck_out_tongue: