experience sought

I would like to start by saying thanks for a forum like this. Thanks to Andrea the moderator as well as all of the people who really make this forum relevant by participating.

I have had 2 treatments with a diode lightsheer. it has been done by an dr. affiliated to Jerome Garden, someone invvoled with lasers for awhile. I beleive this person has vast experience, he did test patches, etc. All of the things a good practicioner should.

That said, I have a feeling I might be grossly under-treated. I am not sure of all of the paramters, like pulse width, but I do know the fluence used is 20 j/cm2. I have read on this board that not much happens before the threshold of 28. I am relatively fair (type 2+) with dark brown hair. When I asked my dr. about this (the downside is he is he is always swamped with patients so there isnt much time for discussion) he stated that optimal is about 23 and more than that usually causes scarring. I do feel the laser and am red for about 12 hours after.

As previously stated, I dont know all variables that fluence might be dependant on. Has anyone else been treated successfully in the 20 J range? Does this sound inadequate to people? It is still too early for me to see quantifiable results, but I would like to confirm the efficacy of my treatment before my 3rd session. I am doing a big area and its quite costly.

thanks in advance for any guidance.

I’m a type II and have had a LightSheer treatment at 35 joules with no consequences. RC2001 on this board is a type IV and had had up to 40-50 joules on LightSheer I believe. Also, no adverse effects. 20 joules is a waste of time. It can stun the hair a bit, but it probably won’t kill it. I would ask to be treated at 30 joules minimum and 40 if at all possible. redness is fine up to 2 days even or so around the follicles. that’s a good sign that treatment was effective too. With type II skin, you shouldn’t have any burns. iI you want, you can ask to have him do a few test spots at 35 and 40 joules, so he can make sure you won’t get burned before doing the entire area.

what area are you treating btw? if it’s face, those might be too high.