Experience of one customer at Sona


saw this on another site…thought I’d pass along

I have had great success with Sona. I’ve had underarms, legs, and bikini treated, and I am extremely happy with results. I noticed men appear to have less pain tolerance, but also I’ve had these body areas waxed for years, so the laser didn’t hurt that much to me, at least not much worse than waxing. I have had two leg treatments, two bikini, and three underarm treatments, and I am very pleased with results.

I’ve got my first appt with Sona on saturday. Do you happen to know what kind/type of laser they use? I didn’t think to ask. Or maybe each location is different…?

Sona in Virginia (newport news) uses an Apogee Cynosure alexandrite laser. Where are you going?

Minnesota. I’ll have to call them tomorrow and find out what it is for sure. Thanks for the tip on the painkiller on my other post, nobody has ever mentioned that, not even the Sona lady I talked to today.

Hey mac. I too am going to sona in Minnesota, by southdale? Keep me posted as I had my first tx about 2wks ago.

I spoke to someone at Sona Charlotte and they were actually very nice. Most clinics are not going to tell you of their past failures. I don’t think people really understand that poor results, at least in the short term, actually make more money for a laser clinic. The other factors to consider, is new regrowth and that men’s hair is a whole different animal than women’s. I tried Nair For Men, for example on my arm, left it on the required length of time and yet still most of the hair didn’t come out. If a woman tried this on her arm, it would. Men’s hair is much more resistant than women’s. A follicle may be shocked or temporarily damaged, but may not be killed, and if not killed will eventually regenerate. Add the new growth factor and most men long-term have poor results. I am trying to find men who had good long-term results with clinical evidence. We will see who responds.

it would be good to know what spot size and joules is used on those that have already had a laser treatment at sona using the appogee alexandrite!

why? Is the apogee alexandrite bad or something?

no, it’s a good laser, provided that high enough settings are used (requires an experienced tech)

is a 12mm spot size and 22 j considered a high setting to begin treatment on??

22 joules is ok. the higher the better always. if your skin can handle more, do it. 30 joules would be very good.