Expense vs longevity: Thinking out loud

I have had Epilight treatments (5). Although there has been a reduction in the amount of hair, I don’t think the expense vs the results is making this a worthwhile investment. I was going to switch to Lightsheer but after reading the posts here it also seems like the success with Lightsheer is also a hit and miss type of situation. When I have the Epilight treatments the hair has stayed away for about 2 months. If it wasn’t so expensive I wouldn’t have a problem going every couple of months to have it done, not unlike I do when I have had the hair waxed. But the cost to do so just doesn’t make sense. IMO I believe if laser etc was really successful wouldn’t it be successful for everyone rather than it working for some people and not for others? People with the same skin type, type of hair, density of hair and colour of hair all seem to have such a wide variety of success/unsuccess with the exact same piece of equipment. I’m wondering if I should just keep waxing and wait a few years until there seems to be some stability in the type of results people can expect. Maybe the cost will go down if people aren’t getting the expected long term results and will become more intune with the cost of having waxing done. I think I pay about $50 (can’t remember exactly) for waxing my full legs, bikini and underarms. The thing I hate is the inbetween period when you can’t wear shorts because the hair can be seen but it is not long enough to be waxed. But if I could pay even $600 every 2 months to have these same areas treated with laser, I would do it in a heartbeat. But to do all the areas I get waxed is about $3000 per session. And to not have it last more than 2 months makes it a very expensive proposition at $1500 per month. So as much as I would like to have had the laser work, I think for me it makes more sense to continue waxing and wearing long pants for the inbetween periods.

I agree, its too risky to spend sooo much money on something that has not been proven to work - just because the FDA approved it doen’t mean it works - My guess is that something like spatouch will come out for home use that will clear hair for a few months, you can do it in the privacy of your own home and it will cost you about 3-5 grand - LHR pratictionars will not like this idea because of the huge investments they’ve made on equipment that all and all is pretty useless - How sad is it when we (the hairy ones) are willing to risk spending upwards of $10,000 to have hair removed and it might not work.

Just my opinion

hairbegone looks like we think the same. I am searching a lot of these forums and a lot of people are not happy with the laser. I heard about spatouch few months ago and not long ago I found out that it’s been FDA approved for home use.
There are some bad and good posts about spatouch. Most people says that hair came back in 3 months and are unhappy. Ofcourse if your goal is to remove hair permanently and not worry about ever again spatouch could be not a wise choice. I also have seen some good posts like this lady was treated with spatouck on one leg and laser on the other she said it worked like lasex exept it came back in 3 months. And like you say after many treatment I bet there is goona be a reduction for sure. I want to start going to gym and hair really holds me:(. I want to have a great summer and all that stuff. So I am considering spatouch right now. I am really close to buying that device