I’ve heard a lot of people on this board say that exfoliating is a good idea after you epilate to prevent ingrown hairs.

I’m a guy…what exactly does exfoliate mean? What exactly should I be doing. I have one of those shower puffs that you put body wash on. Is using that a little vigorously the same thing as exfoliating?

Also, have any of you used pure aloe vera gel after you epilate. It COMPLETELY eliminated the burning/redness/stinging feeling.

Aloe Vera gel sounds like a good idea, it’s one of the main products that is used for the aftercare of areas that have been lasered as well.

Exfoliating is where a rough substance or material is rubbed against the skin. There’s things like loafahs, exfoliating gloves, exfoliating shower washes, the list is endless. Just go down to your local store and have a little look around the beauty/toilettries section and you should find some of this stuff.


exfoliate means in mens language - dead skin scraping

Scraping the dead skin off your skin apparently helps your hair grow strait out so it doesn’t get trapped by dead skin in the empty follicle which will cause in-grown hairs.

I didn’t know what exfoliating meant at first, either.

When Googling, I read somewhere that one cheap way of doing it is with a scouring pad - as in those green Scotch pads. (You also don’t have to be embarrassed about going up to the checkout person with a loofah or whatever - trying to pretend it’s for your wife/girlfriend. :wink:

Anyway, that’s what I’ve been using so far… Since it’s quite rough when new, I’ve just been using it very lightly until it starts to soften up a bit.