Exfoliate - getting rid of red bumps

Sometimes I wax. After 2 or 3 weeks when the hair starts growing in I get terrible red bumps not really from in-growns (some of them yes are ingrowns) but these look to be from the hair trying to push through the surface of the skin. They stick around for a week or two and don’t go away until the hair starts growing a little bit above the surface.

How can I get rid of this problem. Because basically even though I’ll wax to get rid of all this hair I still have to hide my legs for quite a while becuase they look horrible with all these bumps. Does anyone else experience this? How can I mitigate and make my skin look less like crap. I use a scrub sponge and body-wash with those microbeads to exfoliate but it doesn’t work that well. Would just soaking and taking a bath work or…?

Any advice greatly appreciated because I can’t stand to look at these legs anymore.

No-one? It happens on my upper thighs I guess because the skin is more sensitive and the hair is coarse. It also happens if I shave my lower back and I get ingrowns.

Well, I’ve decided to try soaking in the tub and using calamine lotion. I’m going to see if that does anything.

The bumps were probably caused by hairs that weren’t completely removed. With waxing, hairs can break off due to poor technique.

Permanent removal is the only way to get the hair & bumps gone for good.

I sadly get these on my neck and jawline. I don’t really have any advice, because once they get closer to the surface I eventually end up picking them out, which isn’t too favorable for the skin. I hope others have some good advice on here that I can snatch too.