Hey there I had my second laser treatment yesterday and i asked almost every question again except for the one about exercise! I workout almost everyday…but I didn’t go yesterday because of my appointment. Would it be ok for me to workout today? It is pretty strenuous cardio exercise…so how long should i wait? Thxxx

Personally, I don’t think doing exercise prior to a treatment will have any effect. Of course, you might want to make sure you keep yourself hydrated afterwards. I don’t know if that makes a difference for LHR but it is said to make a difference for electrolysis.

But what about right after a treatment. They tell you to avoid water and soap at first…but what about exercise? Like is it bad to be sweating and stuff the day after a treatment?

I don’t think so. Just apply aloe vera etc to the area.

just wanna add my input. I did extensive cardio about an hour after my treatment, and literally fainted. Im pretty sure it was the lhr treatment i had done earlier. I had water too, but my head was all spinning and i couldnt even stand up. I had to sit in one place for like an hour to get bak to normal…