Excruciating electrolysis sessions

Hi everyone,

For the last few years, I’ve been to a couple of electrologists (some of them were not skilled and others were), and everytime the pain would be unbearable.

I think I have really sensitive skin, I would apply lidocaine cream before sessions but this wouldn’t do much, I’ve tried a lot of brands but still no satisfying results.

I’ve had local anesthesia, it worked better than cream but still painful, what I mean is that the pinches are so painful and when the product is injected it really hurts to the point where I was crying because of the pain. Once the product is injected, it is ok but still you have to reinject more product to keep it numb. At the end, it’s still painful and very time and money-consuming especially for larger areas like thighs, legs etc.

So my question is: has anyone experienced the same ? If so, any suggestions to reduce the pain ? Is something wrong with me cause almost all people can bear the pain but me.

I’ve been searching for electrologists than can do general anesthesia if that exists.
I saw that 2pass clinic in Belgium offers PCA (patient controlled anesthesia) but I hardly found reviews about their work except for a post in this forum. I really want to try this method as I want to have my full body done but it is expensive and I don’t want to waste more money than I already did and I really want to make sure that the work done is 100% satisfying.

To this day, I’ve spent more that 10 000 euros since 2015 for my face, underarms and arms. At this point, I’m really desperate because I still have hair and the pain makes it harder.

I’m scared I won’t find any solution about my problem. I know that electrolysis is the only method to remove hair permanently that is why I really want to do it for good but as of right now it is so painful and I can’t.

Please could you help me with my problem ?

Thank you very much.

If pain is so bad try the general anesthesia. Also, local anesthesia cannot be that bad, you probably need better doctor/or person who ever is doing it. Lidocane sure hurts when it’s injected but it will hurt less when it’s done slow.

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Hi nasso,
I wonder if you are a red head, by any chance. I find that it is usually read heads that have this hightened sensitivity. I have just 3 patients that have this problem and before going to the option of dental block, we tried every technique of electrolysis, then every numbing cream, every little trick etc. It seems it is just a sensitivity issue.
So, I am afraid I have no other advice than go for the general anesthesia, if you realy want the work done. I don’t know anyone who has had the treatment at 2pass, but it is a well-respected clinic, so it is worth a try.

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Doesnt the clinic in chicago offer this service? I had thought I had read that they were using twilight sleep methods but I could be wrong on this.


I think you’re right, there is a clinic in Chicago that offers this service.
Alana at Beverly Hills Hair Free offers IV Sedation.

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I want to try general anesthesia but there isn’t that many places that offer it, the only one that I know of is the clinic in Belgium but I can’t find reviews :worried:

Hi, no I am a brunette, I have really dark hair.

Do you have any tips regarding pain ? When you had a case like this, what did you do ?
Yes, I think I will go for general anesthesia that is my only option beacause the pain is just too unbearable, I would cry during sessions:cry:

@Iluv2zap Thank you, it is good to know but I’m too far, I live in France. For now, I can only afford Europe.

@Laura Thank you for the address.

We are using local anaesthesia for the electrolysis and it is not so painful. Must use 31 G needle or 30G needle for the infiltration and use only 1 ml syringe so that it slowly is infiltrated into the skin. Once the effect comes only then move on the next place from that area. Also use long acting local anaesthestics to that you do not have to repeat the dose during the single session. Using the proper technique and going slow for full infiltration it is not painful at all. You can see the our video of electrolysis on sensitive skin, the person is enjoying the session of electrolysis. It becomes painful if you go for thicker needles like 26G needle, that can make you cry. Just confirm what gauge of needle and what ml of syringe is being used.

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General anaesthesia can be used but I would not advise it.
General Anaesthesia has inherent risks of its own.

And by the way if you are getting it done since 2015 then all the growth should have been over by now. !!

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I work with a dentist who injects dental block to my patients. This only works for upper and lower lip though. And the area is numb for good 3 hrs.
I haven’t had a client who couldn’t cope with body areas. Usually numbing cream and cocodamol are enough for the more sensitive bits. If your GP would considere it, they can prescribe you oxycodon or similar which makes a massive difference too, but it is very addictive and I doubt they would. I happen to have a client from abroad whose GP agreed to prescribe it and we’ve managed to clear their whole body bit by bit. But they are very disciplined with the pills and I keep an eye how many they take to make sure they don’t overdose.

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The tips I use for people who are Extra sensitive are a gold needle , prescription drugs, emla ( covered with gladwrap ) for one hour , icing the area prior, and using the flash technique tapped in . I think it is worth speaking with your doctor and between you and your practioner you may come up with a pain management plan that works for you . I agree if a local is administered properly the discomfort should be minimal.
Regards Sally

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