After a year…I’m switching electrologists. Thanks to the questions that dfahey asked me I realized that my electrologist is NOT good. It really should not have taken ONE YEAR of electrolysis regular weekly appointments to not even have FIRST clearance on my entire face. that’s just too damn slow. so i’m going to the best place on long island Fino Gior’s office. i believe he doesn’t work anymore so im getting work done by his daughter. my old electrologist was charging me $70 an hour and maryann gior is only charging $75. that’s nothing for the quality of work that i am expecting and am sure it is! ill let you know how it goes…and seriously if you are thinking of changing electrologists…JUST DO IT it’s worth it in the long run. my electrologist wanted to tell me all about her life and her troubles and good times. i was like lady im not here to socialize…and the plucking is driving me crazy. she just outright plucks hairs and i bet her other clients think that’s just the way it’s done. and she acts like she is the best and she has over 30 years experience and blah blah…well she really has 30 years of BAD experience. ok sorry now just venting. take care all. will post soon after my appt with maryann gior. <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/smile.gif" alt="" />

good for you. let us know how it goes. i’m also wondering, have you been tested for PCOS etc if you really have a lot of hair on your face?

I hear you about gabby people. If I didn’t already have a good job, I swear I would start doing electrology, since I know what NOT to do.

Funny, I love to yak it up. We talk about everything under the sun. I think it distracts from the pain. And she does a great job too! But then again I really love people. But I here you, I have seen one other, and plan to see two more, in between sessions with my current electrologist.


It goes to show that years of experience is just one important aspect to consider when selecting an electrologist. The permanent hair removal RESULTS or lack of results is even more important. If your electrologist is not getting good results for you and you have kept regular appointments, it is time to look for a new practitioner.

Well, some people like to talk, some like silence and some like to be distracted with chatter. The important part is detecting the difference.

I have a client that seems so facinating, I would love to hear all bout it. The client doesn’t want to talk, doesn’t want to listen. Silence.