Excessive regrowth after Yag Laser treatment

This is my first time accessing this forum. I would like to warn anyone who is thinking of laser hair removal to think carefully before undergoing the procedure. I did not have a lot of facial hair when I decided to try the Yag laser last June. It was manageable through bleaching and I had had electrolysis treatment years before which was pretty successful. I decided to have the laser treatment since I thought it would help with the remaining hair. I had three initial treatments, each 6 to 8 weeks apart. The regrowth was not too apparent at first but after the third treatment it was very apparent. I was never told that the treatment would be permanent however, I was never told that it could result in regrowth that was ten times worse than I had started out with! At this point, I am facing extensive electrolysis treatments (pain and expense) in order to get rid of a heavy regrowth that is ten times worse than I ever had!!! I would like to know if anyone else has experienced the same reaction to the Yag laser. I would have never started the treatment if I had been told that there was even the slightess chance of regrowth worse than what I started with!! This was never communicated to me.

Hi, I’m new here too! {hello everyone}! I know that we all just about have the same problem. We are too “hairy” where we don’t want to be. I noticed my hormone change once when I had miscarried about 3 years ago and after surgery from a DNC, I became so sick with infected ears, my doctor gave me steroid shots to help heal me. In return, he gave me extensive hair growth on my upper lip and chin. I was devistated and in tears when I went back to him and ask him what to do. He smiled and told me he would give me a fluid pill and after 30 to 40 days, I would notice a major change in my hair growth. By about day 25 I was beginning to think he was nutso so I was about to give up and my mom told me to have faith and continue till the time he said. Sure enough, about another 10 days later, I was setting at work, no one around and slightly pulling on my upper lip hairs and they were just falling out like you wouldn’t believe. I was so happy!!! After that, I stopped taking the pill and everything was fine.

No here I am four years later and I have the same problem, because I had my tubuel done after my secound child, it messed with my hormone levels and again I am back to a pretty noticable upper lip hair problem. I am going back to my doctor again next week to see if he will put me back on the fluid pill in hopes he thinks it will help. I am crossing my fingers.

You might think I am crazy but some of you might want to check into this before going all out with laser treatments. It sure is a whole lot cheaper and he told me at the time it is a method they learned back in doctors schooling. He is in his early 70’s if you wonder his age and is an old lifelong friend as well. I am here to tell you if you take this pill, be sure to drink lots and lots of water to replinish what you urinate out or you will dehydrate :smile:


I have seen quite a number of people suffering from laser induced hair growth. This was believed to be a myth before, but not anymore. See this string where this issue was discussed: Laser Counterproductive!..

As far as your electrolysis treatments go, it doesn’t have to be all that painful. Try other electrologists in your area to compair their work. You may be pleasantly surprised.