Excessive PERSIAN bodily hair....

Hello all, I am new to this site but I must say how much I LOVE it! :grin: thank you andrea, wonderful idea to put this up!
Before I kenw about this place, I thought I was the only one but now I know that I’m am not alone

I am a typical Persian, therefore I have pale skin and am covered in black hair from head to toe.
The worst parts of my bodies, in my opinion, are my lower back and bum. This is because I have to wear specially designed underwear from Marks&Spencers (What I do to cover myself up, Summer and Winter) is to wear the full-briefs and then on top of that wear a vest and pull it all the way down, so that nowhere shows if I bend over. The worst part of it is in summer, and I am always wearing the vest which gets on my nerves. I cant wear the clothes that I want because always in the shopping centres I have to perform my little “mirror test”: I will only buy it if my back and stomach dont show ! …

I went for 6 softlight treatments nearly 4 years ago and there was definitely no result, I didnt get my money back because at the time I didnt know what to do and I went back and complained but the people in the salon were snappy and rude and they said that it was not their fault so I left it at that. How was I to know that SoftLight is rubbish?!

Moving on, after doing a lot of research on the net, I decided that I want to go and have IPL done on my lower back and bum. The reason I am definitely going to have these regions done are because the hair there are coarse abnd black and my skin is pale so the clearance should be good.

However I dont know what do about my stomach. I have a line of hair going all the way down, and the hair on my stomach is black but fine, (apart from near my belly button, where the hair is thicker - like pubic hair.) so Im not sure if the stomach will achieve good results using an IPL and I am also scared because I have to shave the area first, and im not too keen about doing that because although the hair is black , it is FINE and if I shave it and have a treatmentdone, and it doesnt come out okay then I am going to be left with stubble on my stomach , which is not what I need. I know that sometimes men have had amazing results with their stomach, but that is possible because their hair is coarse on their stomach, whereas in my case it is finer. (ITS like the hair on my arms)

I feel terrible because I even have hair in my cleavage! It looks like long cat hairs. MY moustache and beard is okay beacuse I can easily thread it off
The rest of my body isnt really bothering me: I have a moustache and beard but I get rid of that by threading. My arms are hairy but I dont care and my legs are the least of my concern becausehairy legs are a common thing.

So anyway in the meanwhile I dont know what do.
Are there any persians who can relate to my situation or anyone else? What did you guys do about your stomach? Did you wax if off? IF you did, did it come out horrribly and stubbly & made you wish you left the area alone?

PLEASE HELP !! I need ideas and opinions.

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I have cleared many a tummy, and they all came out fine.

thanks for your reply james :grin: what laser did u use and how many treatments on average did it take? were they for women only? what were the hairs like before? were they thick?

please give me lots of info!!

i will post up a picture of my stomach once i get the means for it…

eagerly waiting for your response!
Love, LadyPersia

I apologize if this may disappoint you, but I am a probe only electrologist. I have cleared all the skin I have worked on utilizing Galvanic, Blend and Thermolysis. That has been good enough for my many clients. I really don’t recommend LASER treatment for hair removal because one can not know what the results will be, and one usually has to have an electrologist “Finish The Job” anyway in the end. This is what LASER Techs tell their clients. “You will have to finish with electrolysis once we clear the area a few times.”

i guess it takes a long time to perform electrolysis on stomachs then…
how long does it take? is it done in one long session or are there many more?

It depends on the person. Some can be cleared out in one session, others need a few sessions to be completely bare. One thing is for certain, a person can get noticeable results in one session, and be caught up with the hair growth cycle in a short time. At that point, one will appear to be finished to casual observers, while one continues treatments to get the final solution.

what is the average time of a session though? im not that big, (UK size 10, dont know what that is in american dress size!) so would it roughly take a couple of hours?

sorry i keep asking questions, its because ive never experiences elecrolysis before…!

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session times depend on the equipment utilized by the electrologist, the skill of the electrologist, and the endurance of both the electrologist and the client.

Most electrologists limit themselves to one hour appointments, others like myself go longer. I have found that most people just can’t sit still longer than 3 or 4 hours because they are just too bored doing nothing all that time, and once you have caught up on your sleep, your body wants to get back to being active.

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Hey I’m half Persian with the same kind of body hair problem! Although I don’t have any facial and breast hair, I do have the hairy lower back, butt, and stomach! And I definitely know what you mean about only wearing clothes that always cover the stomach and lower back! The butt hair is by far the worst for me! It’s so long, coarse, and dark! The hair on my lower back is long and dark, but it’s fine compared to my butt hair. My stomach is just dark. I’m thinking about getting electrolysis on my stomach, but laser hair removal on my butt and lower back. My legs and arms are pretty hairy too. My legs are really bad! I haven’t worn shorts in years! I want to get laser on my legs too. I’m starting laser on my butt first. Wishme luck!

Hey guys, I’m half-Persian too and I’m having the same hair problems as you are. Its not so bad in the winter when you can cover the hair up but I’m just choosing swimwear for the holidays and its so annoying choosing ones to avoid showing hair! How do you guys remove lower back and stomach hair? The hair I have is very fine and so I don’t want to shave it because it most definitely will make it worse.

If I book an appointment for electrolysis treatment, how long is the first treatment on the stomach and back likely to last before it starts showing regrwoth? I know its impossible to give a completely accurate answer but as a rough estimate? Basically I’m going on holiday for 4-6 weeks and wondered if it would last that long! <img src="/ubbthreads/images/graemlins/confused.gif" alt="" />

Dear Delicate,

One of the old wives tales is that shaving will make your hair grow in thicker. As a result they pluck out their hairs with a pair of tweezers and make their hair grow back thicker. Any hair removal method that works by tearing the papilla apart will result in accelerated hair growth. This includes tweezing, waxing, etc.

Shaving does not make hair grow in thicker or there would be a lot fewer bald men in the world. A lot of people think that shaving makes the hair grow quicker as it cuts the hair off at skin level and it reappears within a couple of days, feeling course as it emerges. This sensation is due to the fact that a very small length of the hair shaft is above skin level and does not have the length to deflect when you run you hand over the area. It will begin to feel normal as it gets longer.

Where does this leave us? You can use shaving or one of the hair removal creams like Nair™ for women. Neither will affect hair growth. Of the 2 methods, shaving is the more economical as you can get a lot more hair removal for the money with a razor than with a bottle of hair remover. It is also a lot less likely to cause skin irritation.

Thus speaks the tortured voice of personal experience.

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hey Ladypersia and all here

im half persian half english too. like yourselves i have an awful amount of hair all over. im unemployed at the moment because its taking my confidence away but even if i was to work id be in a catch 22 situation as i couldnt go a day without plucking if i had to leave the house and would need too much time off work after treatments for the skin to heal. i cant see my next employer being that flexible.

the worst affect areas are my face (esp chin), midrift and bikini line.

also i have a feeling that laser/electrolysis alone wont rid the problem and would like to know if anyone here has used oral medicine in conjuction to their treatments. i used dianette about 4 years ago but it wasnt affective on its own.

kind regards

banana [color:“blue”] [/color]

borrow from your library, or purchase (Ebay always has them) The Diet Cure by Julia Ross. You will find tests and things that will help you pin point things you can do with diet and exercise that will help, change your condition.

Hi Delicate,

I also have excessive but fine dark hair on my stomach and lower back. I’ve tried waxing those areas but I would bruise on my stomach and the hairs on my lower back would just break off. Also, I’ve tried depilatories but it didn’t give me complete smoothness and it was messy. The best way for removing lower back and stomach hair is shaving. Like JoanieH mentioned: getting thicker hair from shaving is an old wives tale.

Hi bananasplit,

You should have your hormones checked out by either and endocrinologist or gynecologist. After you get your hormones in order then electrolysis and laser will most likely work. If you want to permanently remove hair from your face(chin) then I would highly recommend electrolysis and not laser.