Excessive Lymph During Treatment?

I have a cis female client with heavy facial hair. We are doing sessions for 1-2 hours once a week. She stays well hydrated all the time, uses sunscreen (bus driver so lots of exposure) and she uses aspercreme for anesthetic.

She leaks lymph like mad. I have taken to keeping paper towels nearby to “sop up” so that I’m not slipping while stretching.

Any idea why? yes my settings are high for her. Treatment goes well and her skin has very little redness the day after.

Possible causes of weeping follicles:

-treating large hairs close to each other - overtreatment
-Working too long in small area

Possible solutions to investigate:

-Reduce the intensity
-Reduce the treatment time
-Increase the treatment distance between the hair (>2mm)
-Also choose the probe which has the same size(or bigger) with the treated hair. If you use insulated probes(expl.:Laurier)the intensity should be decreased considerably.Start will low settings and slowly increase the power while you get smooth released.

I cant stress enough the inportance of dimi’s suggestion to scatter your work, most especially on the chin. Remember, the chin is a danger zone!

Well done on that answer dimi it was very accurate and complete.

Dimi you are totally right that I wasn’t as scattered this last appointment. I neglected to bring the gold probes that a friend sent me (from home to office) that I wanted to try on this client. I will remember to use these on the next appointment and scatter more.

Thank you both for helping me to continue to learn!

Thank you Seana for your words!

Julie Jacob,

The size of the probe is important not the gold coating.
Also I assume your insertion is correct and precise, if not, take your time and use better magnification tool.