Excess facial hair and laser recommendation?

I was diagnosed with PCOS a couple of years ago. Since then I’ve been on a healthy regiment and have dropped a lot of weight and in that time my symptoms have all but vanished. Except for one: excess facial hair. I shave and have completely stopped plucking in preparation for this, but…

I went to see a licensed electrologist in my area recently and was given the advice to have some laser treatments before beginning electrolysis to “thin out” the hair. I do have some dense patches and I’m desperate to at least get some reduction on them, but I’m wary of getting laser treatments in case it makes the currently normal hairs between that much worse. Especially with plans for electrolysis to pick up the remainder, I just wonder if it wouldn’t make the whole process a much longer and more painful experience…

Is this normal advice to give for a more difficult patient? Should I consider this or is there a good chance I’m throwing my money away? It’s demoralizing enough as it is so I really want to have my options in hand before I go ahead with anything that could make life harder. :frowning:

This type of advise is often given when the practitioner is not very confident of their own skills and would indicate that this may not be the best clinic for you. Are there other practitioners in your area?

I was a little concerned about that. I was also informed that one hour is the maximum session time, which I thought might be difficult because in order to get clearances, wouldn’t I have to come back frequently?

With laser, even if it removes it temporarily, will I end up having that taken care of a second time by electrolysis anyway? Or is there a good chance a percentage of it will last? (I have fair skin and dark hair, so I know I’m a good candidate)

There is one other licensed and listed electrologist around here but I have not heard back from her clinic after leaving a couple of messages. I might try again. :frowning: Thank you.