Excel V Laser (please help!)



I have an appointment tomorrow for Excel V Laser… I’ve been told that it deals with pigmentation and acne scars…

Does it affect the hairs at all? Cause I’m doing electrolysis for my facial hair and I don’t want laser to ruin my facial hair again. (I used to laser my facial hair before and it stimulated the hair growth and it resulted in thicker hair.)

If anyone has any idea about this I’d love to know more. Thank you.


I’m not a laser technician, however from what I have seen if laser affects you with paradoxal hair growth then all forms of laser are likely to do the same thing.



Your question is excellent. I’m thinking that this laser serves a different purpose (different wave length? or filter?), so you will be okay. We really need laser experts here to answer questions. Probably, you should ask the specialist who is performing the procedure to this question. Come back and let us know what they say if you would so kindly do that.


I just read on this website this “Of note, the Excel V laser can also be used for gentle and effective laser hair removal. It also helps with eradication of hair bumps or razor bumps.”

I’ll cancel my appointment for tomorrow and avoid laser overall… I have an appointment with Josefa next month and I don’t want to risk it…