every 2 weeks????

I have seen a laser tech here in winnipeg for one treatment already and the tech told me that i needed to get the laser treatment every 2 weeks to get the hairs at their different cycles of growth. Is this a normal procedure?

location- face
skin- medium/light
hair- dark
laser type - yag

of treatments estimated- 10

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I’m in Calgary. I think two weeks is too soon. It’s suppose to be 6-8 weeks. 6 for areas with fast growing hair and 8 for other areas.

That’s what I’ve been told anyways. Good luck.

I go for my third treatment tomorrow and each has been spaced 12 weeks apart. My laser service won’t schedule you any sooner than that.

we seem to be the same in skin and hair colour,and are having the same area treated.
Although the laser you are using is different the shedding process of the hairs will be more or less like mine. I have had 12 treatments in the last year and each time it takes 2 to 3 weeks for the hairs to shed completely .
Because the face is on constant display you will find that you are under constant presure to have more frequent treatments as opposed to someone who is having their legs or back treated. due to the fact that resulting patches will attract peoples attention and comment.
I found treatments at four week intervals to give the best results .It gives time for the skin to heal and the hairs to shed then you know exactly where the treatmrnt has bean sucessfull, and also gives you the oppotunity to increase the ammount of power used as the hairs are less dence.
Hope this helps.