Evaluate Client - adapted from Kay Lasker

I found this chart from some training I took in PA with Kay Lasker. She recommended documenting the client at the first appointment, then as treatments progress, re-evaluating the hair growth to show that progress is being made. She has a great article in a nursing publication that I should dig out. Not sure about copying IT to share, though…

I. Determine if there has been recent tweezing or electrolysis treatment.
How often was area tweezed or treated?
How much time was used to tweeze or treat?
When was the last time tweezed or treated?

PTT (Pre-Treatment Tweezing)
+1 = occasional tweezing of a few hairs or electrolysis 3 months ago
+2 = tweezing 10-2- days ago or electrolysis 2 to 3 months ago
+3 = tweezing 2 weeks ago or electrolysis 3 to 4 weeks ago
+4 = tweezing 1 week ago or electrolysis 3 weeks ago

II. Type of hair present
A < 2 mm long; < .001" diameter
B < 6 mm long; < .003" diameter
C > 5 mm long; < .003" diameter
D > 5 mm long; > .003" diameter

III. Density of Growth
+1 only a few hairs present
+2 2 mm to 15 mm apart
+3 1 mm to 3 mm apart
+4 1 mm apart
+5 < 1 mm apart; multiple hairs in follicle

IV. Depth of average hair follicle
A vellus hair < 1 mm
B very fine hair 1 mm
C fine hair 1 to 3 mm
D coarse hair 3 to 5 mm
F crimped hair < 1 to 3 mm

This is from a chart I adapted back in 1990. I wonder if it could be updated to include LHR…

I think I know the article that you speak, Barbara. Kay is Katherine? I’ll have a look (if I find it). I found this text through the library of the Faculty of Medicine. I remember that I found quite revealing.

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Indeed, it is the article by Katherine Lasker. The article is quite handy and I think this can be expanded and illustrated with actual pictures that would help determine the percentage of regrowth (true or false). I’m surprised this issue has not attracted more interest, because in my opinion the issue is paramount. Michael spent part of a chapter of his book to recognize the signs and evidence of our success or failure in the course of our practice. He extended far with explanations.

You, Barbara, are a true source of information. The vocational electrologists we must be grateful to you.

Is there a mistake in the chart? Under PTT - “+2 = tweezing 10-2- days ago or electrolysis 2 to 3 months ago.”
I don’t understand the “10-2- days” part. I would like to clear this up so I can start using the chart. Thanks.

Please note I hv found this image on Google. Therefore it might b subject to copyright & etc.