estrogen cream as facial hair inhibitor

To Andrea (or anyone else who has thoughts on this);
We know of the scams regarding hair inhibitors. Any thoughts on using an estrogen cream for this purpose? Thanks, elly

mmm… i know estrogen is good for your skin. but for inhibiting hair growth it would likely have to have specific anti androgenic properties (like ethinyl estradiol), but that im not sure of.
i have heard of topical spironolactone, and its supposed to work.

Dear Hopeful;
Any information you can pass on would be appreciated, as facial and body hair is my stumbling block for moving forward. Topical spironolactone that works? Sounds great! Where does one get it?
It makes sense that some topical anti- androgen would be even more important than a topical (cream) estrogen.
Hopeful too, Elly

Oops, sorry about the slow reply-- I missied this question!

Topical estrogen creams can actually increase hair growth. What you need is an antiandrogen like spironolactone, as hopeful noted. I recommend getting on an oral version, not a topical. An oral one will be much more likely to have an effect, especially on body hair, and for a more cost-effective price.

This may slow the rate of growth, but it will not reduce or eliminate any existing hairs. You will need to look into a permanent option for that.

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it also should be noted that, with most anti-androgens, you must also take a contraceptive.
most anti-androgens have feminizing effects on a male foetus (ie. ambiguous or female genitalia).

a contraceptive using ethinyl estradiol (like alesse) has anti-androgenic properties; it may help as well. not sure though… (andrea?)

hi hopeful–

Contraceptives tend to have pretty low dosages of hormones. While contraceptives are often required for non-transsexual women taking anti-androgens, the question was specifically about transgendered and transsexual women, who do not require birth control.

Thanks Andrea, and Hopeful. Right now, I can’t go with oral Spironolactone, so I’ll get some topical. Just a small, temporary step, I know, but perhaps it will facilitate electrolysis? Elly