Estimate for front torso?

I’m wondering how much time other people are taking for the same job as I’ve just done.
About 6 weeks ago, I took on a fairly large case. the entire torso on a mid 40’s CIS male of french/arabic descent. He had thick dense hair over his entire from torso. I originally quoted him about 14-16 hours for a first clearance. I’ve just finished the front torso ( first clearance only) and came in at 20 hours. I think I was working extremely quickly and I just underestimated the job.The hair was course and pretty dense once I got down to it across his chest stomach and sides.

I’d never done a job like this before, and I honestly didnt know how to estimate it. I tried to guestimate by determining how far down his chest I could get in a 2 hour session, then measured his approximate distance I had to come down the torso.

I felt badly for giving a lowball estimate, but I do have to consider that the client was extremely happy ( so much so he’s decided to do his entire back too) and that I have never taken on such a job before. That said, I’m wondering how others might approach an estimate on a large area you’ve never done before?

The only way I can work quickly is using thermolysis. If the situation is good for HF, I will go that route first for a fast initial clearing.

I make a fist and show the client the top of my hand. I let them know that I might be able to remove, more or less, that size area in an hour. We do one hour and see how much is cleared. My estimates are always high. If I think 20 hours, I say 25 hours. If they shop around and get better quotes, I do not mind. I just wish them luck and let them know that I am available to answer their questions should they feel dissatisfied with the treatment they find elsewhere.

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awesome tip! I was clearing an area on one side of his chest roughly 3 inches by 8 inches in an hour.

That is similar to my approach, as well. I actually do an hour’s worth, show them what size area I can clear and then I offer them an estimate, with a range. If I think it will be 20 hours, I say 20-25 hours for the first , full clearance. A big factor to consider is their sensitivity. Some areas are more sensitive than others and that can slow me down and add time to the original estimate.

There is a lot of sitting for theses cases, if you do some marathon sessions, so be sure and set the timer so you can get up and move every 60-90 minutes.

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