Estelux IPL comments?

I’ve been doing some research into hair removal for a while and have begun visiting some clinics. I know the physics behind it now, but I’m still dubious about the promised results.

Does anyone have any direct or indirect experience with the Estelux IPL? I went to a place the other day that uses it and they seemed to be in the mid-priced range of those I’ve seen. The agent I spoke to said that it was just as effective as the laser, and it has the advantage of a very large contact pad so treatements were up to 10 times faster. I’m not overly concerned about the speed of the treatments I just want something that will work. I would like to have my back and neck treated. My skin is pale and the hair is dark and course.

If anyone out there can share anything about the Estelux or any other IPL experience I’d appreciate it (i.e. area treated, number of treatments, any pain, results, etc.)