Essential oils- HELP!

I want to buy 1) Undiluted tea tree oil. 2) Undiluted lemongrass oil 3) Witch hazel 4) Rosehip oil 5) Manuka Honey 6) Virgin coconut oil

Can you suggest me any US or UK website (or company/brand whose products are easily available in UK)which has all of these? or at least MOST of these?

I google-d for these products and it seems from the reviews most of the websites are not offering pure undiluted oils.So please give me the links to websites with whom you have some good personal experience.

I buy all my stuff from here:

I have used oil as a mask for my skin.


I dont see how Dee, there is one link contributed by a long term contributor to the site. I’m afraid I dont understand your comment?


That’s why I didn’t delete it.