Espil BSL-10

Anybody try this?

Did You ever wonder why professional machines are so much larger and so much more expensive? Did You ever wonder why professionals are not using this device, which costs just about 1/3 of a handpiece of a professional IPL device in the high end range?

If it was efficient it would be the ultimate business model to use it in professional treatments.

Well, sorry to tell ya, I don’t necessarily agree with your point of view. I would say, these machines really do work and I can testify this. Even though they are cheap and small, they would work. I had read earlier about Dr. Gold’s research on this for Low Energy IPL home hair removers and it said 95% of the users are happy with their results with average hair reduction of 75% or more. If it not were like that, these companies would have gone bust eons ago. Imagine, for the price like this, anyone would be absolutely thrilled by a 75% reduction. I would say, so far as my own friends are concerned, I would recommend myESPIL ( which is the same product that is cheaper and backed by solid support & guarantee ( ) since I personally own this beauty of a machine (so i’m biased) and it really did wonders for me. Yes, if your claim were true, you have got to explain for the 90% of the hairs in my legs that I lost in just 3 months of using myespil…
The best thing is no one has noticed that I undergone any treatment and my friends forgot the fact that I used to have hair. All within 2 to 3 months. I get a high when they say, like “you used to have hair on your legs?” :grin: It also supports a wide range of skin & hair tones.

Thought this would be helpful…

I posted a new topic on this on this forum…

If you’re an actual consumer (which I’m still not sure about since we have a lot of self-promoters trying to pose as consumers here), then you really need to understand that there is no way you have 90% of hair gone on any area. Hair grows in cycles, which means permanent removal takes at least 12 months (the time you need to kill hair in every cycle).

If you waxed, the hair would be “gone” too. It doesn’t mean it won’t grow back. You can’t judge permanent reduction the way you’re trying to assess it.

Come back here after you haven’t touched the area in at least 6 months and let us know how much is “gone” then. That’s a good indicator.

Okay maybe I jumped the gun? do you mean to say that those hairs will grow back? I just used myespil for almost 3 months now. I thought i can stop using it now. So does it mean, I should use it when I see hairs growing back or should I continue using it even though there’s no hair on my legs? If I am gonna have to use it like 12 months, it’s gonna be a pain in the axx. And I hate doing it anyway… For 3 months I had to follow what looked like a military discipline just to do it every week… Maybe I should call myespil and ask them about it. Thanks for your advice anyway. I will come back to let you know of my long term results.
Sorry, if i looked like a self-promoter, I just got a bit excited…

hi alyssajonesms, I am also thinking about myespil. it is good? I had used e-one before got results. now want to buy something cheaper. compared to vissbeauty, which one is better?

Well, I bought a home use device years ago. payed 3k for it thinking it would end my woes. It never killed a hair, but, did lighten a tatoo I had.
I really think that these things should be marketed as an alternative to waxing with similar results. It would seem like less of a sham then
I wish so much that I could get all of them money back that I wasted on scams…
My 750 for my Hinkle electrolysis machine has been a good investment though. I know it works

Another thing I am seeing is that everyone, including the doctors, are giving their results after 2-6 months. I think results should be graded a year after stopping. Even waxing seems like a miracle after just a few months, but of course if you stop, eventually you look the same again.

Well, technology may have changed since you guys bought those home use devices but I think it is giving good results. Professional practitioners I guess would always like to say that there’s no substitute for their system but then, how else would you explain so many companies selling home use products and got good reviews by genuine people? Some of these companies get funding for like 50 to 60 million USD for their startup. These are mainstream businesses and not just someone operating out of a small DIY factory somewhere in asia. I think as technology gets more advanced, I guess more and more people will get to afford hair removal treatments for a fraction of the cost that it used to be.

For me, I have seen good results after 3 months, but I am waiting for like another six months to verify whether these results are permanent or otherwise. Anyway, one of my pals bought the myespil unit too, she’s just starting now. So when i post the long term results hopefully, you’ll see 2 success stories. But for now, I’m just happy with my device.

We are not saying there is no substitute for our services, however, there is a very big difference between a go-cart, and a car!

As far as permanent results, one can only say that a hair removal product worked after one has used it consistently for 9 to 18 months, and then had no need to use it for one to two years afterwards. Please keep in touch while you meet that standard.

Hello, new here. Well it’s been a while now…have you results? Would be great to hear. Thanks ;>

It’s been a while, given the hair treated area time to see results…well, curious? Any reduction/removal in hair from this espil device? :>