Ergonomic work arrangement for electrolysis

What would any of you consider to be the best ergonomic working arrangement for electrolysis? Is there a particular chair for example? I have a hydraulic bed, at both ends, proper medical loupes and I’m pretty sure I have good posture, but I find my neck and shoulders are sore after two hours. It’s my biggest hindrance to sessions longer than 2 hours.

A lot depends on the person the work station is being set up for.

As has been demonstrated at the hands on sessions I have conducted, what works great for one, is not workable for others. From the focal distance for the vision equipment (variable based on length of arms, and work position of practitioner) to the height of the treatment table, and clearance beneath the treatment bed, there are many things that would make one work station ideal for one person, and a non-starter for another.

While my set up is very adjustable, we found that I did not have with me a lens that would accommodate my dearest Dee Fahey’s chosen treatment stance, and short little arms. She has a hard time getting her arms around me to hug me too. :wink:

But in all seriousness, one would have to do a lot of trial and error to come to a good work station.

My one friend has ten practitioners working under one roof and there are ten different set ups in that place. Almost nothing is duplicated. One practitioner even works while sitting on an exercise ball instead of a chair.

When I am intensely in my Zen and working away, I try to remember to do a “check”. Many times, I find that I am raising my shoulder or that I’m tensing up… Or my feet are not flat on the floor… Or I have let myself slump into a turtle neck posture. Do your checks. Keep your shoulders down. Keep your back and head straight - prompt a pillow behind you to remind you not to slump and make the client come to YOU. They like to sneak away to the other side of the table, especially if the table is too wide. Relax as much as you can and keep a light touch when inserting.

I dont have as much option in ergonomics as you do. So much of this depends on the individual equipment you have. You are using loops where I use a circle lamp.I dont have a choice on height I’m not using a hydrolic bench ( I really liked your bench by the way!) I do pay for this when I go for longer periods.The focal length on the loops is genius, but only when working so much higher than the patient as you are. And of course this all depends onwhere you are working. Definitely not having to raise the arms any more than you have to makes a huge difference on shoulder strain. I actually liked how you are set up very much.

The one comment I have is that for me the ergonomics are completely different than they are for you, on height alone it changes a lot.


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Thanks for your feedback, all of you.