When I ask about what equipment an electrologist uses, what should I be looking for? Any specific brands or models? Since which year are they considered to be up to date?

There is a hair problem all over the body, but I want to do face first. Should I insist on total baring of face at each session? Why is total baring beneficial?

as for machines, you can check out this post string.
machines to get, machines to avoid.

My personal favorites are Silhouet-Tone, Apilus, RA Fischer, AF Hinkel, and Instantron.

Thanks for the reply.

I just found an electrologist who charges $45/hr. So far she sounds knowlegeable in what she is doing. First appointment is tomorrow.
So I got suspicious of why she charges less than average. She says that’s because she works from home. But I suspected an outdated machine. How recent is considered up to date? What distinguishes a bad machine from a good one? Is there anything else I should suspect?