Equip. sale: make offer Instantron SS-69 & more

My mom purchased “everything you need to start your own electrolysis business” a couple of years ago. Due to extenuating circumstances she was unable to do that and the equipment has been in storage. I do not personally know anything about the equipment but I have been able to gather some information from the equipment and paperwork. Everything appears to be in good condition. The main items for sale are an Instantron Epilator - model: SS-69 Tron 4, a round foot switch and a dentarest chair with pneumatic base. There are also various other accessories - more info upon request. I can also send pictures if interested. We are located in southwest WA state.

What is the asking price?

the site allows pictures to be posted, why not post the pictures of the items and prices. You are more likely to get interest if we can see what you are talking about, and are willing to arrange shipping.

I’m sorry for the delay in posting more information. It looks like I may have a local buyer for the chair but the electrolysis equipment is still available. I have attached a few pics. After having it appraised by Atlas Frontiers, it looks like it is worth $675. We are looking for best offer. Thank you for your interest.

Here are the photos of the electrolysis machine.