Can anyone shed any light on the EpiTouch laser? I had my first treatment on May 23. Tummy, bikini, buttocks. I am mid-30’s female and have had too much hair since puberty. Doctors have not felt that hormonal imbalance needs to be explored. I have noticed about 5 - 10%??? reduction after 1st treatment. I read on another board that the EpiTouch is not a favorite because it has a spot size of only 5mm. Is this stardard for all EpiTouch machines, or are options available? I have been told that the pulse duration is preset by the manufacturer. Is it likewise for the spot size? I understand that the spot size affects the effectiveness of the treatment - similar to upside-down pyramid power, for every mm of penetration the fluence is halved. So does this mean that starting with a small spot size you lose that much more zapability by the time that you reach the root? Or does it mean that it can only affect a small square area? Other machines get more favorable mention because of the larger spot sizes.

This is what I know of my treatment:
Joules - 22
5 mSec pulse duration
spot size - sorry, can’t confirm 5 mm report from other board
skin type - II
hair color - dark brown/black

Can someone comment on the fluence level? My research has found articles that say fluence level is not as critical as one may think. Other reports talk about much higher fluences. I guess what I am asking is what is more critical - fluence or spot size?
If it turns out that the machine that is used on me has a spot size of 5mm, should I ask to have the fluence turned up? The growth of the hairs that were not affected grew back as fast and as coarse as ever. I am concerned that if the fluence is not high enough, my course of treatments will either be prolonged by only weakening the follicle instead of killing it, or that it will encourage the hair to regrow coarser as a self-defense mechanism.

My second treatment is six weeks after the first. Any opinions about spacing the treatments closer together? Some reports say 3 weeks may be more beneficial, some say 2 or 3 months. My logic says to keep hammering hard and heavy. Any enlightenment you can provide will be very appreciated. :confused:

22 Joules is a very low fluence level and I would not expect that to be very effective. The pulse width seems very short too. That’s a very small spot size too and it will take much longer to treat an area compared to a 12 or 15 mmm spot size. A spot size of 5mm is usually used for small areas like the upper lip.

I would think if you have light skin a considerably higher fluence level could be used too. If you can’t feel the laser pulses and at least a little bit of pain the treatment session will not produce much in the way of results.

If it were me I would want a higher fluence level and larger spot size. Longer pulse widths would be helpful too. The lasers I have been treated with had adjustable pulse widths up to 100 milliseconds and adjustable fluence up to 60 Joules. My skin is relatively dark so I am treated with 45 Joules. On my chest at 45 Joules and 100 ms pulse width and a 12 mm spot size, with the Lighsheer Diode Laser it felt like the pulses were reaching down to my ribs. It was tolerable and the results were very good.

My first treatments with an alexandrite laser (Apogee) resulted in about a 30-40% hair reduction.

Hopoe this helps.