EpiTouch Ruby


Hi, i am going to get laser done on my upper cheeks area on my face. However, i am a bit worried about the type of laser they are using, which is the EpiTouch ruby laser. I know it is an older laser but was wondering if anyone has had any experiences with it? Also, what kind of risk of scarring is involved with it? And finally, how much time is required for the immediate side effects(swelling, red bumps ect.) to disappear?



Hi faded–

The ruby lasers were the first to be cleared for permanent hair reduction, and they have the longest track record of published clinical data.

Many consumers have been treated with them and have been pleased. The treatment parameters are pretty well established. The only proble is that newer types like the alexandrites and diodes appear to be more effective if you’re seeking a permanent result.

In addition, some of the earlier rubies did not have the best cooling systems.

As I’ve often said, the most important factor is operator experience and skill. The only thing I’d check on (besides experience) is how they handle skin cooling during treatment.