EpiTouch or Lightsheer diode


Just starting to research my options. I’ve been to advanced laser clinics and learned about the lightsheer diode, but am now looking in to the EpiTouch. I am looking for people who have had either and what their success was. I have a lot of coarse dark hair on my chin - not excessive, but a lot. I want to end the struggle I have in worrying about hair on my face!

Any help is appreciated.


I had one treatment with the Lightsheer and i was very pleased. I would definetly recommend Emla cream or Topicane to numb the skin before going through with it. I was told that it was virtually painless, but it ended up being the most painful thing I have ever experienced. I had my stomache (and other areas) done and it felt like someone took a large, thick sewing needle and stabbed it into my stomache over and over again. I took it for about ten minutes (thinking I was going to scream and cry at any second) and then I had to tell the nurse to stop. I couldn’t take anymore. I said I would try the cream and come back. A week later, I applied the Emla and wrapped the areas in saran wrap (according to instructions) and sat in a room for an hour before the procedure. It made SUCH a difference!!! Although I could still feel it a bit, it was NOTHING like the first time. It was VERY tolerable. The thicker the hair you are having removed, the more painful it will be. I think that may be why some people do not find it painful. If they are whispy hairs, it doesn’t seem to hurt much. If they are thicker, coarser hairs, the pain was excruciating. If yours are thick, I would recommend the cream. I was very pleased with my results. However, an Indian friend of mine had her face done at the same clinic a few weeks after my visit. she has very dark skin and very thick facial hair. She ended up having some marks on her face where the procedure was done (dark spots) and we were worried they wouldn’t go away. They were gone within a few weeks however and I don’t think that is the normal reaction. I have very light skin and although my skin was a little burned (similiar to a sunburn) afterwards, I put an icepack on and it was fine in an hour or so. I had a little bit of reddness for a few days, but that was it. I have only had the one round of treatments (going back for another next week) and it made me feel a whole lot better about myself. It was definetly worth it! Good luck! Sorry this was so longwinded!