Epiloir - Does it work?

Has anyone heard anything about Epiloir? I was recently at a fair and they had a booth where they claim that their product is not a depilatory because it doesn’t just remove surface hair, but will remove hair to the roots.

The marketing and bottles look nearly identical to epil-stop. Hmmm…

They claim that their product is natural, vitamin c, e (blah blah blah) and won’t harm the skin and doesn’t smell.

I am Asian and I have fine dark hair. I remove my leg hair maybe once every year or two. Although I have hair on my legs, it is fine enough not to be noticeable. I have extremely sensitive skin (can’t even use an anti-perspirant because I’d get a rash) and I can only use the most mildest of skin care products. I was surprised that I didn’t have any reaction to their product.

They sprayed their product on a baseball sized spot on my lower leg and within 7 minutes, they wiped off my hair with a paper towel. Actually, there was a big difference between this clean spot and the surrounding area which although appeared hairless was a little darker due to to the fine hair and pore spots. They claimed the clean look was due to complete hair removal including the roots because it is a ‘muscle relaxant’ and causes the muscle to relax and release the hair follicle. (I’m not convinced about this). They showed me the removed hair which did indeed appear to have the root intact (there was a slight bulb or soft question mark shaped end).

They don’t claim it to be permanent but that over time it you can nearly double the length between uses (ex. 1 week to 2 weeks to 4 weeks up to a a couple of times a year).

I have tried depilatories so I know the difference between a surface removal - and this appeared deeper and it didn’t smell at all. Now I’m a very skeptical person and I recognise **** when I hear it, but I can’t argue with the fact that my skin didn’t break out and the hair is gone. It’s been about over 2 weeks and the hair hasn’t grown back, by my regrowth does tend to be a little slow so I can’t say that this is with a slower frequency than if it were a regular depilatory.

They were selling it for $60Cdn for 2 8oz bottles + 2 4oz hair inhibitor lotion. I didn’t buy any because I wanted to do some more research, but I haven’t really seen anything on the internet about it. Their url is www.epiloir.com. This may be a Korean or Japanese product as there seems to be more information from those countries.

Speaking of a Korean product, how effective is Epila - the home laser treatment. Does it work?

On the web site, I did notice that they were offering a ‘club’, where they’d send you a 6oz hair removal + 2oz hair inhibitor kit for only $10US per month (which is a far more reasonable price). However, since it’s one of those deals that you give them your credit card and they keep sending you the kit every month, I didn’t want to try it out. I also didn’t like it that their contact detail was an email address.

Has anyone tried Epiloir? How is the company to deal with?

no,it doesn’t work at all!! I saw them at a fair,too,and it worked great!! i bought some-and it was a total waste of $60!!! It did NOTHING.I thought maybe i didn’t use enough,or didn’t leave it on long enough,so the next day i tried it agin.STILL NOTHING!!Maybe they use something better at fairs?