Hello to everyone. I am knew to these boards.
I have dealt with body hair since I was 11 years old. It has never been a good thing. That includes chest hair by that time. Well I have always dreamt of real hair reduction. Until 4 years ago I had very little back hair- now it is in full effect- and is something I just can not bare to have. Chest / stomach / extremely hairy arms / legs / butt- I can live with- though reduction on my entire upper body would be nice. I personally would like to keep some of the body hair- but get rid of the back and shoulders.

My question is about the epilight system. I have heard the commercials and yet can not seem to find any information on this site about the system. In the chicagoland area, the system is branded by Hair today gone tomorrow. Has anyone on here had experience?

My age is 25, so nearly 15 years of unwanted hair, and shaving lasts for only a night- the stubble associated the following day makes it impossible to be happy with the touch. My hair color is mixed, many hairs (the shorter ones) come in blonde, the rest are brown, and then of course some appear black. My skin color is white - to low tan.

Beyond the epilight question,
What do most males end up spending on back and shoulder hair removal?

Feel free to recommend other forms of removal, or shoot questions my way.


Epilight is a not a very good machine and it’s an IPL. You should find an alexandrite or a diode laser for your skin type. You also need to have at least 3-4 consultations and compare clinics, lasers, and prices etc. It sounds like it’s around type III, but please make sure by looking up the Fitzpatrick skin chart. Please read the FAQs I wrote. You will finding price estimates there too.