what is it about epilight that many people don’t like? is it not as good as a true laser? help me out here i’m new to this.

Cant comment from personal experience but i’ve heard more bad then good with it.

They say that it is a harder machine for the practioner to work with,find the right settings,etc but im not sure for certain why so much bad feedback.

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i get mad when people talk derisively about something and then provide nothing to back it up.

i had my first treatment with an epilight machine exactly 2 weeks ago. all of the hair on forearms is shed and i experienced very little discomfort. i don’t have long-term results to share yet, but it seems like a lot of the people spewing negativity don’t either.

I can only speak from my experience with epilight and here it is.

I had treatment on the face at Advanced Harley Street Clinics in London and suffered from burns and blisters…not very pleasant as you can imagine. I subsequently had about half a dozen patch tests on the face over about a year and was either suffering from pigmentation and burns or no hairs fell out. The pain was also excuciating. The practitioner recommended that they discontinue the treatment as I was getting no results. To top it all off I had paid in advance for ten treatments the princely sum of £3000 and as yet have only had one unsuccessful treatment and as yet have not recieved any money back from the Advanced Harley Street Clinics.

I am now having treatment with Lightsheer and am happy to report that this is working very well.

In my opinion and experience and I can only talk for myself, laser is much more effective than epilight.

My experience with Epilight has been very disappointing.
The Positives:
Very little pain or discomfort.
Hair fell out within a couple of weeks
Didn’t grow back for 2-3 months

The Negatives:
After 4 treatments the amount of hair regrowth is exactly the same as when I first started the treatment.
The cost is so high that it is not worth experimenting to see if after several more treatments the hair regrowth will be substantially less than when I first started treatments.

Although it was wonderful to be hairfree for 2-3 months at a time, in the long run it was no different than having the hair waxed. Yes, the waxing only lasts a couple of weeks compared to the 2-3 months that the Epilight lasts. However, if the cost of waxing every 2-3 weeks was similar to the cost of an Epilight treatment every 2-3 months, then I would chose Epilight hands down. But Eplight costs a ton more money and after 4 treatments I have seen minimal reduction in the hair regrowth. Not worth the money as far as I’m concerned. As I said, I could spend $1000’s more just to experiment and see if eventually works, but I really don’t think it will so I don’t want to throw good money after bad.

but doesnt the FDA say that Intense Pulse Light machines are better than laser? becausde the light is absorbed better than lasers. And Epilight, as its name suggests, is a light, not a laser?

also are aculight and epilight from the same company?

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First off I would not trust or expect the FDA to be the best source of information regarding any new beauty product. They just try and make sure that in the hands of a decent practitioner that the process or device will not cause undue harm.

Secondly laser is light that is coherent. They are both similar in how they work to try and kill the hair producing cells. For some people the IPL machines may work better and for others the laser machines may be best and for the last group electrolysis may be the only way.

I would look at the posts from people who have had treatments by the respective technologies and weight their opinions in making any decision.

I have been through laser with the lightsheer and am currently finishing up with electrolysis. My last laser treatment was on Feb 20th of this year and I have to this date still maintained very good results, I have not posted my full opinions yet as I am waiting to get closer to that magical one year mark people seem so interested in. Rest assured I will repost a full and detailed synopsis of my experiences with hair removal in December (the one year anniversary for the majority of my laser treatments)and hope that it will add to the information contained within this web site.

Take care


I had three full face treatments with EpiLight with no reduction in the amount of regrowth or time til regrowth.

I saw no reason to continue paying $300 per treatment for something that produced no results for me.

If you are not seeing any results after 3 treatments with any method, there is no reason to continue. It could be practitioner skill, the machine, or your hair or skin type. Figure that out after you never ever go back to that person again.

Balius, what areas did you have done and how many treatments did it take?