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Has anyone had Epilight done more than a year ago and if so, are they still happy with the results. I’m trying to be objective and not let my “wishful thinking that it will work”, overshadow the true facts. I must admit it is difficult to do that when you really want to believe that Epilight is the answer.
I also went to the link for doctorsforsale.com. I didn’t read all of it yet but much of it seems to be about a lawsuit stemming from inflated revenue figures that Doctors were promised, compared to what they really are making. I don’t know if there is such a lawsuit in the works from people who had Epilight done and were dissatisfied with the (lack of) results. :confused:


I am the newest member here, but was doing a little searching earlier. I found this interesting site Dr. Jay, MD

The doctor seems to be highly qualified. However, I have not checked all the details. He says he has his own patented system and it uses Epilite. He claims this is the best for hair removal. He has many details on, skin types, FAQs, before and after pix, and other information. He does have caveats in here saying that the treatments should be given by a physician who is highly trained, not a technician and how to find the physician. The information presented also details many other factors that influence the results, such as skin type and whether you have a tan or not.

After reading most of his site, I can see why different people on this forum have widely different opinions about Epilite.


Dr. Jay is a big proponent of EpiiLight because he sells treatments. Many have been disappointed with flash lamps, primarily because the was sold to them with a lot of hype that it didn’t live up to.

Some consumers have been pleased with flash lamp, but the rates of dissatisfaction and side effects appear to be higher based on consumer comments.