epilight questions


This is a great forum and gives very good information.

I am from india and in india
the only laser available for hair removal is
epilight as far as I know.

Hence I have certain questions.

  1. Which is the best and the most effective laser for permanent ( permanent for me means for years )
    hair removal.

  2. What exactly is epilight and what is the difference between epilight and other lasers.

  3. Does using epilight result in permanent hair removal, permanent for me is forever for years.
    I never ever want to use any of the hair removal devices.

  4. Are there any side effects like skin deseases, or skin cancers etc?

  5. Is there any pain during / after the process.

  6. Is it correct that the only hair removed during the hair removal process are the hair which are in their growth cycles and hence you need to have multiple sittings ( 5 - 6 )

  7. Are the hair removed immediately or they fall out after some time.

  1. “Best” and “most effective” vary from person to person. The best laser for a caucasian may not be the best one for an Indian person.

  2. EpiLight is a flash lamp or intense pulsed light (IPL) device. Unlike a laser, it is full spectrum light (like a very intense flash bulb on a camera), rather than one wavelength.

  3. ome consumers have experienced permanent hair reduction, but there is limited data on how much hair reduction is typical, and how often hair reduction occurs. It appears that anecdotal evidence suggests higher side effects and less effectiveness that many lasers.

  4. I discuss cancer risks here. Improper treatment can cause burns, skin discoloration lasting several months, or patchy/grid-like regrowth.

  5. Pain is highly variable. Many consumers find it tolerable, but some require pain relievers to handle the treatments.

  6. You will need multiple treatments to achieve permanent reduction.

  7. Hair usually falls out over time.

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