Epilight is out, Sheerlight it is.

Well, after doing a search of all past messages containing the word epilight - I have decided that I will NOT be going that route. So, that leaves me with the third choice for a clinic (in my last post), which uses the lightsheer diode laser.

So far, the things that I know about the clinic are that the treatments are $250 - $300, they have said that it usally takes a minimum of 3 treatments, the treatments are 6 - 8 wks apart. I asked who operates the laser and they said that an RN operates it unless you want a physician, otherwise the physician just perscribes the energy level. They have been very quick in their responses to me, they even sent me a folder with a little more info. on the procedure and financing, all within one week of my first contact with them. I like that kind of attention!

Are there any other questions that I should ask at my first consult, but haven’t thought of? Do I have any say in the energy level? If so, what should I ask for? What about pain relievers? Is there anything I should ask him to perscribe? If they don’t offer a test patch at my first consult, should I ask for one?

Thanks for everyone’s help so far!