Epilight - Is it so expensive because it's 100% safe and pemanent???

I am a 37 year old Greek female, born in London, UK. I have to shave every day like a man which makes me feel so horrible. I have never had a relationship as I can not imagine any man wanting to be with me because of my body and facial hair. I have tried waxing and creams but it just makes the hair stronger and darker.
I heard of a treatment called Epilight which I read was more advanced than Laser so I made an appointment for a consultation. I was quoted the following prices:

Whole face - £450 per session
Nipples - £150 per session
Arms - £450 per session
Full legs - £2600 per session

I told her that I was shocked at the prices as when a I was looking at laser prices they were so very much cheaper. She told me that Laser was not permanent and that epilight is permanent and completely safe.

If this is really 100% safe and permanent then I will seriously consider getting a loan to have the treatment done, but first I would appreciate any advice, feedback, comments, info from anyone.

You need to read up on our sister site www.hairfacts.com and use that to make your choice easier.

You will find this page of particular interest.


You have been lied to by your tech. Epilight is not safer than laser at all and nor is it more permanent.

Yes it is possible to get good results with Epilight just as it is with lasers; but the tech needs very good training.

The prices you quote would be acceptable in 1996/97 - but since then lasers have become cheaper, very much faster and safer. Costs have collapsed. Epilight remains Epilight - old, cheaply engineered technology. In 2003, the prices you quote are quite ridiculous - and the justification untrue.

Check to see if the clinic is registered with the Care Standards Commision - and if not report it to the Commision as an unlicensed clinic (and thereby do everyone a favour).

For cheap and cheerful combined with the latest technology try Lasercare clinics; or seek out somebody who is honest, trained and has long experience in the business.

James was telling you to do your own research here and make up your own mind - which is a good take on the issue. As a practitioner however, your post makes me a little cross and I hope the clinic goes bust - it taints everyone.