Epilight Hair Removal - nipple hair.....

Hi All…just wondrered if anyone has used Epilight on nipple hair or any other areas of the body, and how effective it was??

Comments would be greatly appreciated…

Many thanks

Remmy x

If you only have nipple hair to remove, you would do better to do electrolysis instead of laser. Electrolysis pinpoints only the follicles that need treating, and doesn’t interact with any skin that doesn’t need treating. You should also get first clearance the first appointment, and need perhaps another treatment in one to three weeks after the first clearance, and then you will have up to 3 months without need of another clearance. If you don’t have a medical problem that is recruiting new follicles to grow hair, you should be done and happy with very few appointments and maybe a total of three hours or less spread out over 9 to 18 months.

You might want to check out this lady’s experience for the worst case situation.


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Epilight doesn’t work at all. I treated my chest and it was a waste of time and money.

I would like to know what were the fluences
used and filter? for your chest. Your hairs
are what Colour? how many treatments did you
received? Skin type? were you waxing?, and how many months or years prior to
your Flashlamp (Epilight) treatment?

I am an Epilight Technician for the past
3 years, and my clients do see permanent
reduction. At consultation, 90% is the expectation that I will inform the patient.
The hairs will become finer, until it
reaches velus stage. and that is it!

I have had two treatments (very expensive) and the hair does seem to be getting finer…but i really hope i’m not wasting my money - the hair is dark and think and my skin is fair - apparently due to this it should be very effective??

whats the different between lasers, eplight and acculight?? its all very confusing and do all of them work??


Lucie Desrochers, CPE, how many treatments does it usually take to get almost full clearance? I am a male and I have had 6 full beard treatments on my face. I like the results I have had, but hair usually starts coming back in after about two months. It doesn’t all come back in, but some, I think. I think I may have one more full beard treatment, but I hope the results will be permanent.
How long do you think I should wait in between treatments for optimal removal? It’s been about 4 weeks since my last treatment. Thanks a lot!

Hello Kevs,

Your story is similar to mine. I’ve had 5 treatments with LaserSheer. For the 4-5 weeks following each treatment I am ecstatic because ALL the hair are gone! But then they start coming back and I go for another treatment.

It’s now been 3 months since my last treatment and now my beard is quite strong. I have had little long-term clerance on my upper lip and chin. A bit more on the cheeks. And quite a bit on my throat and on each side of the neck.

Good luck!

Kevs & Mike 2003:

Some facts: “BEARD”
Beard has 30% resting hairs (telogen).
70% Growing hairs (anagen).
Duration of Telogen: 10 weeks
Duration of Anagen: 1 year
No. of Follicles per sq. cm: 500
Daily Growth Rate: 0.38mm
Approx. Depth of Terminal Anagen Follicle: 2-4mm

Multiple Treatments are required. But keep
in mind that the expectations of clearance
are between 86.11% & 93.75%.

Lightsheer is aggressive but not damaging,
“if in the hands of a knowledgeable,
experienced operator”.

I would recommend first: 3 treatments with Lightsheer XC. For optimal results,
I would suggest 2 months apart.
Followed by last 3 to 5 treatments,
3 to 4 months apart.

I thought you said that were an Epilight technician? That’s what I have been using. I have had 6 full beard treatments, plus one extra treatment on just my upper lip and chin, since that is the most stubborn.
I do like the results, I just hope that they are lasting.
At this point, I really can’t afford to switch to Lightsheer; that’s why I was excited when I read your post about Epilight.

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Kevs, I’d suggest a diode for male facial hair. I know people who had 40+ flashlamp treatments for facial hair and were still going.